Greenergy provides fuel, infrastructure and services



Greenergy is a leading national provider of road fuel with significant infrastructure and service capability.

Last year we supplied 15.6 billion litres of petrol, diesel and biofuel globally. In the UK we supplied more than a quarter of all road fuel. Much of this is provided on a managed basis, with services covering stock management, scheduling, haulage and biofuel compliance.

Our customers include major oil companies, supermarkets, major fleet users such as bus and logistics companies, independent forecourt operators and fuel resellers. We don’t own any petrol stations, so you won’t see the Greenergy brand on any forecourts.

Our objective is to grow our business by sharing our efficiency benefits with our customers through a low price and high service offer. We believe that we can continue to drive up reliability and service, and create supply chain efficiencies to cut costs, and thereby add significant and measurable value to our customers’ operations.

At a time when many of the traditional oil companies have been seeking to exit the UK market, we have been investing in new infrastructure to expand our sales to customers in strategic locations and create further economies of scale. We have already built new fuel manufacturing facilities on the Thames estuary and in Teesside, renovated fuel storage terminals in Plymouth and Cardiff and are currently working to convert two former refineries to import terminals. At Thames Oilport we are building a major new import terminal in a joint venture with Vopak and Shell on the site of the former Coryton refinery.


We also work hard to deliver sustainable biofuel to the UK market. We now own two biodiesel production facilities, one at Immingham and one at Seal Sands on Teesside, both capable of processing large quantities of waste-derived biodiesel. We have also built a first of its kind biodiesel pre-processing facility in order to extend the range of waste oils and fats we are able to use for biodiesel production.

We are now Britain's third largest private company*, having more than doubled our sales volume in past 5 years.

*Sunday Times BDO Top Track 100