From a bedroom start up to one of the largest private companies in Britain


Greenergy was founded as a bedroom start-up in 1992 and has grown rapidly to become a national provider of fuel and infrastructure, supplying one quarter of the nation’s fuel.

Initially the focus of our business was the supply of low sulphur fuels designed to reduce local air pollution. Then, as environmental concerns shifted to climate change, we pioneered the supply of biofuels.

Though we still supply large volumes of biofuel, they now account for a relatively small part of our business. Today our business is about supplying petrol and diesel, infrastructure and supply chain management services to the oil industry and to fuel retailers.

Here’s how it happened:


  • October - Greenergy announces innovative rail to road fuel supply location north of Toronto.
  • September - Thames Enterprise Park progresses with appointment of refinery demolition contractor.
  • September - Greenergy becomes branded wholesaler for Esso for the whole of the UK.
  • August - Regeneration of North Tees reaches major milestone with the first train load of petrol departing by rail.
  • March - Greenergy's Plymouth fuel terminal and biodiesel manufacturing facility at Immingham are both awarded RoSPA Gold awards for health and safety.
  • February - Greenergy joins UKPIA as Associate.
  • February - Thames Enterprise Park is announced, to bring land not required at Thames Oilport back into industrial usage.
  • January - Greenergy opens a new business in Dubai to develop oil and biofuel supply partnerships.


  • November - Following ongoing expansion of our in-house haulage operations, the number of drivers employed in Greenergy Flexigrid reaches 250.
  • November - In anticipation of water freezing, Greenergy increases its use of rail freight to move fuel into its Canadian supply locations.
  • June - Greenergy begins supplying ethanol in Canada.
  • May - Greenergy begins fuel supply to the NIsa branded forecourt.
  • March - New biodiesel pre-processing facility comes into operation.
  • February - Greenergy concludes branded wholesaler agreement with Esso and begins supplying Esso dealerships in Northern England, North Wales and Scotland.


  • December - Greenergy's biodiesel production plant achieves ISCC sustainability certification.
  • November - New fuel supply business launched in Canada.
  • November - Greenergy North Tees opens for diesel and gasoil supply.
  • October - Vopak, Greenergy and Shell complete purchase of the former Coryton refinery.
  • July - Greenergy purchases former Petroplus terminal in Teesside.
  • June - We are listed as the third largest private company in Britain by sales.
  • June - Greenergy monthly sales exceed 1 billion litres.
  • April - Completion of business process mapping with IBM.
  • April - Employment of drivers within Greenergy, replacing previous outsourced arrangement.
  • January - Sales begin from our new storage terminal at Cardiff.


  • December - We move fuel by rail for the first time.
  • November - Greenergy implements registrations with the US authorities for advanced biofuel supply.
  • May - New rail head brought into service, to move fuel to and from our Cardiff terminal.
  • May - We start making biodiesel from waste pies and crisps.
  • January - Forest Footprint Disclosure names us sector winner in recognition of our CSR leaderhip.


  • November - We win 'Company of the Year' in the CBI Growing Business Awards.
  • October - Paul Lester, formerly Chief Executive of support services company VT Group, joins Greenergy as Chairman.
  • July - We announce plans to build new fuel tankage and distribution facilities in Cardiff, to give us a new distribution base in the region.
  • June - We are listed as the 9th largest private company in the UK by sales.
  • May - We exceed all UK Government biofuel targets for a second year.
  • April - Scarab Distributed Energy Ltd is established to develop novel ways of producing fuel and power from waste.
  • March - We announce BioCarbon Tracker, a web platform to understand which of the world's carbon reserves are most at risk.
  • January - Greenergy Brasil is established to source and sell sustainable Brazilian bioethanol.


  • October - Our new terminal at Plymouth opens on schedule with 42 million litre capacity.
  • June - We are listed as the 10th largest private company in the UK by Sales.
  • May - For the 4th consecutive year Greenergy is ranked in Real Business's Hot 100.
  • April - We exceed all three UK Government targets for biofuel supplied during the first year of the RTFO.
  • April - We announce our investment in new petrol and diesel blending and storage facilities in Teesside.
  • April - We are ranked as the 18th fastest-growing private company by profit growth.
  • February - We receive ISO 9001:2008 certification for supply and processing of liquid fuel products.
  • February - We are awarded a significant supply contract with a major UK oil company, expanding our UK market share by a further 1.5%.
  • January - UK Government body praises Greenergy for supplying Brazilian bioethanol meeting a “gold” social standard.


  • October - First Group's CSR award goes to Greenergy for our leadership in biofuel sustainability.
  • August - Agreement is reached to settle Greenergy's claim for compensation for losses incurred in relation to fuel contamination.
  • June - Greenergy's sustainability criteria for Brazilian bioethanol are approved by UK authorities as an RTFO qualifying standard.
  • June - We are ranked 20th in The Sunday Times Deloitte Top Track 100 league table of Britain's biggest private companies.
  • June - Greenergy buys its first fuel terminal in Plymouth.
  • April - For the third consecutive year Greenergy is listed in Real Business's "Hot 100".
  • April - Operators of Greenergy's biodiesel plant, px Biodiesel Ltd, achieve ISO9001:2001 accreditation.
  • January - The first of Greenergy's new-build tankage comes into service at Vopak, Thames.


  • December - Greenergy achieves 10% share of the UK road fuels market.
  • April - Greenergy is listed in the Real Business’ “Hot 100” - a line-up of the national’s fastest growing private companies.
  • March - Our biodiesel production plant at Immingham begins commercial production.
  • Fuel contamination occurs in the South East of England.
  • January - Our new range of Tesco 99 Octane motorsport fuels are announced.


  • December - Greenergy is listed in Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 for the second consecutive year.
  • November - Greenergy takes new tankage in Scotland at Clydebank and Ross.
  • November - Construction works begin to double the capacity of our biodiesel plant at Immingham to 200,000 tonnes.
  • May - First delivery of wood chip made to SembCorp.
  • May - Greenergy is the largest company to be listed in Real Business's Hot 100 fastest growing privately owned companies.
  • January - Greenergy begins selling Tesco 99 Octane motorsport fuel.


  • Greenergy introduces bioethanol into all the petrol it sells to Tesco.
  • Contract signed with SembCorp Utilities (UK) Ltd for supply of biomass for power generation.
  • Greenergy creates Tesco 99 Octane petrol, the highest octane petrol widely available on UK forecourts.
  • Construction begins on Greenergy's biodiesel production plant at Immingham.
  • Greenergy listed in Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 league table of Britain's 100 fastest growing companies.


  • Greenergy announces plans to build a biodiesel production plant in the UK.
  • Tesco begins roll out of GlobalDiesel to selected stores across the UK.


  • Greenergy launches its Field to Forecourt contract to buy oilseed rape from UK farmers to use for biodiesel production.
  • GlobalPetrol, a blend of bioethanol and ordinary petrol, begins testing in the Greenergy-sponsored Subaru Rally car.


  • Launch of GlobalDiesel, a biodiesel blend and the first in our range of low carbon fuels.


  • Greenergy ranked 13th in the Deloitte & Touche Indy 100 awards for the fastest growing UK companies.


  • Greenergy CEO awarded MBE for services to the environment and the promotion of Citydiesel (ULSD).


  • The first ever ultra low sulphur petrol is supplied on a demonstration basis to France, Hong Kong and Japan.


  • Greenergy's ultra low sulphur petrol is rolled out at UK supermarket forecourts.


  • UK Government tax incentives introduced for ULSD following Greenergy advice.


  • Greenergy launches the first ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) in the UK. The company gains profile in UK Government circles for its analysis of the benefits of ultra low sulphur fuels.


  • Similar operations begin in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.


  • Greenergy is founded to supply branded, low sulphur fuels to the environmentally conscious Swedish market.