Efficient and hassle-free haulage solutions for our customers


We use a fleet of more than 100 petrol tankers to deliver fuel to our customers, scheduling deliveries to achieve maximum reliability and efficiencies and adjusting delivery patterns in real-time to respond to changing requirements.

Using our Flexigrid branded fleet, we now provide haulage services even when the customer has their own source of fuel supply.

We are continually working to improve the efficiency and reliability of our haulage operations by:

Achieving best possible vehicle utilisation.

By using the same vehicles to deliver to commercial customers during the day, and retail customers at nights and weekends, we can maximise the fixed resource we have to drive down costs.

Optimising our scheduling across different contracts.

Some customers require small loads, others ask us to manage their stock on their behalf, and we even move some of our gasoline components between our terminals by truck. By entering these parameters into our scheduling system, we are able to combine split loads and backload vehicles to ensure the tankers leave the terminals fully loaded and we reduce our empty mileage.

Providing instructions in real time to respond to changing customer requirements.

By using vehicle tracking systems we are able to make instant decisions to react to customer requirements. We understand that events out of our customers’ control can happen. This is why we have progressed our Order Free Delivery option, where we accept responsibility for managing customer stock tanks and delivering to a pre agreed strategy around stock levels and opening times.

Using fully automated processes to record lifting and delivery information, reducing errors in our invoicing processes.

We link directly to information feeds from the terminals and reconcile this with information collected electronically by drivers. This allows us to generate invoices automatically to achieve the highest levels of invoice accuracy. More about our invoice accuracy.

Running a just-in time operation, minimising customers’ working capital tied up in stock.

We are able to operate to customer determined minimum stock levels knowing we have the capability to replenish on a just-in-time basis. Conversely, we can manage stock levels at “tank tops” should the situation require.