Our facilities for manufacturing, storing and distributing fuel


Greenergy supplies fuel to oil companies and supermarkets, independent petrol station owners and also major users of fuel such as bus and logistics companies.

We supply fuel from more than 25 locations across the UK, either "ex-rack" (customer collects from terminal) or "delivered in" (we make the delivery). Every day we make hundreds of fuel deliveries to our customers by truck.

We blend much of this fuel ourselves, using our own facilities for petrol and diesel blending on the Thames estuary and on Teesside and, for waste-based biofuel manufacturing, in Immingham and on Teesside.

To manufacture fuel, we buy petrol, diesel and biofuel products from across the world, receiving more than 500 shipments of oil yearly. We have dedicated biofuel sourcing offices in Brazil and the US, where sustainability and traceability considerations require us to be close to our suppliers and customers.

To support our growth, we have also invested in new fuel storage terminals, adding Plymouth to our supply network in 2009, Teesside in 2010 and Cardiff in 2012.