A fuel supply package that's right up your street


In 2013 we actively extended our offering of low cost high service fuel supply to independent dealers. We now supply over 280 independent dealers with our unique and flexible service offering.

We provide a tailored package directed to your needs with complete price transparency, providing a breakdown of fuel, brand, haulage and additional support services.


Greenergy will keep your costs low while providing a hassle-free buying experience. The only supplier with a truly national UK footprint, supplying fuel from 26 locations.

The benefits include:

  • Eight terminals either owned or operated by Greenergy, giving you unparalleled supply security.
  • All fuel grades - unleaded, premium-unleaded, diesel and premium diesel.
  • For Esso branded sites, we will supply you with Esso quality products, including Esso Energy Unleaded, Energy Supreme, Energy Diesel and Energy Diesel Supreme.


With a portfolio of brands we can help you choose the best brand for your business. If you own multiple sites, you have the freedom to consider different brands, enabling you to maximise potential:


We can deliver your fuel too. Our in-house haulage fleet of over 100 trucks, and our 24/7 scheduling operation based in the UK, enables unprecedented supply reliability.

  • Last year we made 100,000 deliveries, achieving 99% on time.
  • We deliver fuel 24/7, 364 days of the year.

Support services and customer care

We also offer a range of support services and outstanding 24/7 customer care.

  • Free regional forums providing market updates.
  • Wet stock monitoring - we monitor your fuel stocks (at no extra cost) to ensure you never run out of fuel..
  • Self-order customer portal - control your fuel stocks and ordering, quickly and easily when you need.
  • Card package.
  • Tank cleaning.
  • Fuel pump maintenance.
  • Security.