Supply resilience and competitive pricing


A national storage and supply platform to ensure supply security for customers

We provide fuel to other fuel suppliers and resellers nationally, selling on a contractual and spot basis.

Customers have the option of managing their own distribution, or we can arrange for fuel to be collected and delivered by our Flexigrid branded tanker fleet.


N. Ireland
- Belfast

- Clydebank
- Grangemouth

- Dalston, Cumbria
- Teesside, Middlesbrough
- Immingham, NE Lincolnshire
- Stanlow, Cheshire
- Eastham, Cheshire
- Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
- Kingsbury, Staffordshire
- Birmingham, West Midlands
- Avonmouth, Bristol
- Westerleigh, Bristol
- Grays, Essex
- West Thurrock, Essex
- Coryton, Essex
- Plymouth, Devon
- Hythe, Hampshire
- Cowes, Isle of Wight

- Cardiff


We supply fuel from 26 locations across the UK, so we're in the best position to ensure supply security for our customers.

We also have very extensive buy/sell relationships with other oil companies and refiners nationally, so we're in the ideal position to secure fuel when other suppliers put their customers on allocation. At such times, we give contractual customers priority over spot customers.