Creating a culture of incident reporting



We seek to create safe working environments by:

  • Instilling the highest possible level of safety awareness by everyone working on site.
  • Encouraging a culture of incident reporting, however small the incident.
  • Responding quickly to identified trends and near-misses in order to prevent the occurrence of more significant incidents or injuries.


Applying SHE standards in our supply chain



We closely monitor the safety, health and environmental performance of the manufacturing facilities we use. All manufacturing is carried out by experienced process operators with appropriate SHE training to manage risks appropriately.

Our in-house SHE team carries out planned and unannounced audits to fully test control measures in the operational environment.



We conduct health, safety, environment and quality audits to verify the management standards in place at all the terminals from which we operate.

We track the completion of any actions arising from these audits and worked with the terminal to implement appropriate response measures.



We structure our haulage operations in a way that maximises efficiency and controls risk.

Pre-delivery visits are carried out at all new customer sites and terminals to identify potential safety hazards, and ensure that haulage operations are appropriately controlled.

On an ongoing basis, we work closely with haulier health and safety teams to share information on potential risk factors and enter two-way dialogue with drivers. 

The competence and SHE performance of our haulage contractors is closely monitored and reported internally via a series of indicators.



Working with our haulier partners, we support our customers in completing risk assessments around the delivery and storage of their fuel.  We also provide advice to our customers on safe delivery and storage of fuel.