Exceeding our customers' expectations


Here are some of our most important service KPIs:

KPI 1: target minimum

  • 99%On-time deliveries
  • 0Customer outages

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KPI 1: On-time deliveries

We measure the reliability of our core fleet and the effectiveness of our in-house scheduling team.

Our target is for more than 99% of our deliveries to be made within the delivery window agreed with the customer. If we are unable to make a delivery at the agreed time (our target less than 1% of deliveries), we liaise with our customers to understand their requirements, rescheduling routing patterns and combining split loads and backload vehicles where possible. Our priority at all times is to ensure than no customer ever runs out of fuel.

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KPI 2: target minimum

  • 99%Invoice accuracy

Maximum 1% credit notes

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KPI 2: Invoice accuracy

Our invoice KPI is a measure of the accuracy and efficiency of our back-office systems, as well as the skills and understanding of our team. We issue in excess of 700 invoices a day, and for each invoice we need to have consolidated and reconciled data from at least 5 different external touchpoints.

Our target is to achieve 99% invoice accuracy – that means that credit notes should amount to no more than 1% of total invoices. We implement a continuous improvement process to ensure we maintain our high standards.

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KPI 3: target maximum

  • 23Minutes - average loading time (Thames)

25 mins (other Greenergy controlled facilities)

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KPI 3: Loading times

A gate to gate time is the time it takes for our customers to load product at our terminals – from the moment the truck enters the terminal gates to the moment it leaves. This KPI allows us to monitor delays due to queuing, slow pumping rates or disruption of supply.

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