Measuring the efficiency and quality of our back-office systems


Due to the nature of our business, our invoicing process is necessarily complex. Each invoice requires consolidated and reconciled data on the amount of fuel collected from the terminal, amount of fuel delivered to the customer, pricing structure and delivery information. Many of these data feeds are provided by external parties. 

Getting our invoicing right therefore requires accurate and effective systems and expert staff.

Report for January 2016


This month 99.4% of our invoices were accurate, meaning that credit notes accounted for only 0.58% of the total number invoices.

We have in place an on-going process of excellence review to monitor our internal controls and eliminate the human error element of credit notes, focusing on manual errors.

In order to further improve the efficiency of our back-office systems, we continue to maximise the number of invoices that are automatically generated. Again this month, more than 90% of our invoices were produced automatically, and more customers are being introduced to our automated invoicing system on an ongoing basis.