Minimising loading times for customers using our terminals


Report for January 2016

Our loading time KPI allows us to monitor delays for trucks loading at our terminals due to queuing or slowing pumping rates.

The target we set varies according to local conditions:

  • In a compact terminal with state of the art road loading facilities and no queues, we consider 21 minutes to be the shortest reasonable target loading time, without jeopardising health and safety considerations.
  • If there are longer distances to drive between the terminal gates and the loading racks, or if pumping rates are slower, we set a target of 25 minutes.
  • At busy terminals where queuing can occur, we also monitor the percentage of trucks taking longer than 30 minutes to load.


Vopak Thames - Target loading time: 23 mins

This is our busiest supply location, and one that experienced peak-time queuing following the 2012 closure of the Petroplus Coryton refinery, which led to a dramatic increase in the number of trucks loading.

Loading times have reduced over recent months following work to create efficiencies in the way the road loading facilities are used. This has been possible after Greenergy took over all storage at the facility in January 2015.

Even though loading times are now best in the industry, we continue to:

  • Monitor the proportion of trucks as taking over 30 minutes to load as an indicator of the extent of queuing.
  • Work closely with our customers to ensure that lifting patterns are as even as possible throughout the day.
  • Use our second terminal on the Thames estuary to reduce bottlenecks during busy periods.

Loading times at this terminal are measured from the inner gate to the departure gate because many drivers stop between the main (outer) gate and inner gate in order to take a break or change vehicles.




Plymouth - Target loading time: 23 mins

The Plymouth terminal is owned by Greenergy. Our annualised target is 23 minutes.



Vopak Teesside - Target loading time: 25 mins

The Seal Sands site is owned and operated by Vopak, with Greenergy investment in fuel manufacturing and road loading facilities.

Loading times are longer than at other sites due to the distance between terminal entry gates and the loading facilities. A new diesel loading system, with a higher flow rate, was introduced in October 2012 and is now resulting in shorter average loading times.




Non-Greenergy owned facility. We are not in direct control of the loading procedures at this terminal, but we monitor loading times so that we can identify trends and address delays experienced by our customers.