Thames Oilport

We are building the Thames Oilport import terminal on the site of the former Coryton refinery in the UK, as a joint venture with Shell. The terminal is open for diesel storage and road distribution is due to commence in Q2 2017.

Navigator terminals

We co-founded a new oil and chemical storage company called Navigator Terminals, to own fuel storage and blending facilities that are strategically important to our UK business.


With our own fuel terminal at Plymouth, we are best placed to meet our customers’ fuel requirements in the South West of the UK.

manufacturing facilities

We operate two biodiesel manufacturing facilities on the east coast of England, at Immingham and on Teesside. These convert used waste oils and fats into biodiesel and are the largest of their kind in Europe.

We continue to develop these facilities in order to:

  • Source waste oils in smaller containers and from a larger range of suppliers.

  • Improve reliability.

  • Expand our production.

Cargoflo rail-to-road
facility in Canada

In partnership with Canadian National Railway, we have developed an innovative new rail-to-road supply facility north of Toronto.

This is a unique facility that:

  • Allows petrol and diesel to be loaded directly onto trucks.

  • Uses existing rail infrastructure to create a new supply location in a heavily congested area.

> More about our fuel supply in Canada.

Thames Oilport

We are progressing with the development of Thames Oilport in phases. The facility has opened for diesel storage and we are moving on to road loading and storage of other products.

  • Connected to the UKOP pipeline, giving the potential to move fuel inland to other areas of significant demand.

  • Strategically important location with a rapidly growing population, rising fuel demand and limited suitable fuel infrastructure.

  • Deep-water jetty able to receive long-haul diesel ships and connect with the Middle Eastern, Asian and US markets.