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We were established in 1992 and have grown rapidly to become a Fortune Global500 company and the UK’s second largest private company.

We supply over 15 billion litres of road fuel annually. Most of our sales are in the UK, where we are the largest and only national fuel supplier, and we also have a growing fuel supply business in Canada
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To support this we:

Operate internationally. We source fuel products and raw materials globally including through offices in the US, Dubai and Brazil.

Are a major owner of fuel terminals and former refineries and storage facilities across the UK
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Have our own in-house haulage operation to ensure fuel supply reliability for our customers. We make about 100,000 deliveries to customers a year by road tanker and achieve 99% of those on time.

Yes, Greenergy was founded by chief executive Andrew Owens in 1992 and is registered in England and Wales. In 2015 Sunday Times Top Track 100 listed us Britain’s second largest private company by sales.
Our customers include major oil companies, supermarkets, major fleet users such as buses and logistics companies, independent forecourt operators and fuel resellers.

Greenergy has founded in the 1990s to supply low emission diesel offering significant air quality benefits, and the company name dates back to that time. Over time we have expanded from niche environmental products and today supply standard specification petrol and diesel to a much wider market.

In our operations today we continue to focus on minimising the environmental impact of our activities and our biofuel supply. For example we:

  • Maximise our use of biodiesel made from waste products. We own and operate two of Europe’s largest biodiesel production facilities converting large quantities of waste oils and fats into biodiesel. For more information about our biodiesel manufacturing. Click here

  • Set ourselves a 70% carbon saving from the biofuel we blend into our petrol and diesel – double the saving required under EU law

  • Disclose the origin of all the biofuels we supply. Find out more about our biofuels.

Greenergy operates as a “midstream supplier”, moving fuel products from the refinery gate (wherever that may be in the world) to petrol filling stations and customer sites in the UK and Canada. We don’t own any forecourts and you won’t see the Greenergy brand at any petrol stations.We have an in-house haulage operation called Greenergy Flexigrid which operates primarily in Flexigrid livery or in our customers’ brands. Flexigrid is our service brand, allowing us to separate fuel supply from service provision.

We supply fuel from 28 terminals across the UK, making us the only fuel supplier with a truly national footprint.

Our extensive supply network ensures fuel supply security for customers and minimises transport distances between storage terminal and customer sites, to ensure the most cost-effective supply possible for our customers. For a map showing all of our supply locations – click here

We now own or manage stock at eight terminals across the country including at Thames, Teesside, Clydebank, Ross, Cardiff and Plymouth.

We also supply fuel from two terminals in Canada – click here

Greenergy is a major supplier of road fuel in an increasing competitive market. By owning our own fuel blending, storage and distribution infrastructure, we can:

  • Control the quality and reliability of fuel supply to our customers.

  • Blend petrol to meet different customer product specifications

  • Purchase from the lowest cost global producers.

Greenergy was founded as a bedroom start-up in 1992. Initially the focus of our business was the supply of low sulphur fuels designed to reduce local air pollution. Today our business is about supplying petrol, diesel, biofuel, infrastructure and supply chain management services to the oil industry and to fuel retailers.

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