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Greenergy completes Vopak’s share of Thames Oilport
and Thames Enterprise Park

London, 29 January 2016

Greenergy confirms that it has completed the purchase of Royal Vopak’s 33.3% share in Thames Oilport and Thames Enterprise Park, as announced on 21 December 2015. Shell retains its existing third share.

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Engineering and commissioning work is continuing at Thames Oilport as we prepare to bring into use an initial 175K cbm of tankage for Greenergy diesel storage from Q2. In addition, the sale process at Thames Enterprise Park continues to proceed and a sale is expected to be announced during the first half of 2016.

Greenergy to purchase Vopak’s share of Thames Oilport
and Thames Enterprise Park

London, 21 December2015

Greenergy has reached agreement with Royal Vopak to purchase its one third share in the joint venture that owns Thames Oilport and Thames Enterprise Park. Shell retains its existing third share.

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Greenergy’s purchase of Vopak’s shares follows a number of other recent developments at the site.

At Thames Oilport, work is underway to complete engineering and commissioning work required to bring into use an initial 175K cbm of tankage at Thames Oilport. This tankage will be used by Greenergy for diesel storage from the 2nd quarter 2016, connecting the Thames market to deep-water, long-haul diesel capability. This is a major development that will bring oil into Thames Oilport for the first time since the closure of Coryton refinery.

At Thames Enterprise Park, the sale of up to 403 acres of land not required for the oil terminal is progressing well. Response to the sale process has been positive, with significant interest, and discussions are underway with a shortlist of potential purchasers. Demolition of former refinery infrastructure is well underway to prepare excess land for alternative uses and a sale is expected in the first half of 2016.

Andrew Owens said;

“The continued development of Thames Oilport is strategically important for Greenergy. These are significant steps towards the realisation of a new, fully-operational fuel import and distribution terminal at this location. We look forward to working in the new ownership structure with our co-partner Shell.”

Macquarie Capital and Greenergy to establish Navigator Terminals
through acquisition of Royal Vopak’s UK operating storage assets
and Greenergy North Tees

London, 21 December 2015

Macquarie Capital and Greenergy have partnered to establish Navigator Terminals (“Navigator”) which
will acquire Royal Vopak’s UK storage facilities at West Thurrock on the Thames, Seal Sands at Teesside
and Windmill near Cardiff. Simultaneously, Navigator will also acquire the operational storage assets
of Greenergy North Tees at Teesside.

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These acquisitions will give Navigator an initial storage capacity of approximately 1.5 million cubic meters, making it the UK’s largest independent bulk liquid storage provider. Each terminal is strategically located in an area of significant regional demand.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive comments, “Our participation in Navigator ensures our continued access to the infrastructure assets that currently underpin our UK supply position. It gives us greater flexibility at these facilities, ensuring we will be best placed to deliver low cost and resilient fuel supply for our customers in the long-term. As an infrastructure investment company, Navigator will also provide a vehicle to fund further infrastructure acquisitions supporting our continued growth in the fuels sector.”

Neil Arora, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Capital said, “Greenergy is the leading provider of wholesale fuels in the UK and uniquely placed to lead investment in the UK storage sector. We are delighted to partner with Greenergy to establish Navigator Terminals. This transaction is another example of the flexible, partnership capital Macquarie Capital is able to deploy to support clients globally."

There are no plans to change existing operations or management and staff of the terminals. Navigator will continue to provide ongoing fuel, crude oil and chemical storage for a wide range of customers at the terminals. Greenergy will continue as principal customer of Navigator for fuel storage at the West Thurrock and Teesside terminals. Navigator is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety across its operations and will combine the best of Vopak’s and Greenergy’s safety systems and culture at all facilities.

As part of the transaction Greenergy has entered into long-term off take agreements with Navigator at West Thurrock, Seal Sands and North Tees, where it currently stores and supplies fuel. In addition, Navigator has committed to build a new diesel pipeline to link the deep water jetty at North Tees with the neighbouring Seal Sands terminal, further integrating these two facilities and increasing operational efficiencies for the benefit of all customers.

The acquisitions are scheduled to complete towards the end of the first quarter 2016.

Greenergy recruits first apprentice at its Plymouth fuel terminal

London, 14 October 2015

Greenergy, the UK’s largest road fuel supplier, has extended its apprenticeship scheme to its Plymouth fuel distribution site. Michael Fesler, a Plymouth resident who has just turned 18, joins another eight young people currently completing their apprenticeships with Greenergy throughout the UK.

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Michael Fesler, Greenergy Maintenance Apprentice said:

“The traditional route of A Levels didn’t appeal to me. I wanted to start work, and this apprenticeship has allowed me to continue studying while getting hands-on experience in a real working environment. I’ve definitely chosen the correct path for me and am looking forward to developing my career.”

Michael will spend three and a half days a week learning on the job with his mentor, Tony Gibbons. Together they conduct routine maintenance inspections and carry out remedial work and safety testing at the fuel terminal. The remainder of Michael’s week is spent at City College Plymouth studying for an NVQ level 2 in Mechanical Engineering.

Tony Gibbons, Greenergy Mechanical Maintenance Leader said:

“Michael brings a renewed enthusiasm to site and we are all enjoying the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience.We are taking on another apprentice at our Plymouth terminal next month to help develop the skills we need for the future.”

Matt MacLean from City College Plymouth said:

“Greenergy understands the importance of helping the next generation of engineers and technicians. Not only does it give a young person their first work opportunity, but it also makes good business sense. Both the apprentice and employer work towards the same goal, to have more qualified people in a sector with skill shortages.”

Michael went onto say:

“In five years’ time I’d like to have completed all of my NVQ qualifications and gained an in-depth knowledge of the terminal. It could also be the right time to consider a degree in Engineering. Everyone at Greenergy has been really supportive and the experience has given me the confidence to think big - Greenergy started as a bedroom start-up just over 20 years ago and is now the second largest private company in the UK.”

Greenergy commences diesel imports into Brazil

London, 23 September 2015

Greenergy, the UK-based fuel supplier, has made its first import of diesel for sale within Brazil,
a market historically supplied predominantly from domestic production. Its first diesel shipment arrived
in Brazil today, discharging at Santos and then at Paranagua.

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The import takes advantage of a short-term trading window created by lower international diesel prices, a favourable US Dollar-Real exchange rate and inflated domestic diesel prices within the Brazilian market.

Andrew Owens said:

“As an exporter of ethanol from Brazil over ten years, we have developed long-standing relationships with storage companies and diesel users in Brazil. We have now been able to leverage those relationships to develop an arbitrage opportunity, to deliver competitive pricing in a market that has historically been closed to us. We anticipate similar supply opportunities in the months ahead.”

Greenergy has had a trading presence in Brazil for more than ten years as an exporter of sustainably produced ethanol from Brazil to the UK and, more recently, from Brazil to the US. EU import duties have kept the EU ethanol market largely closed to Brazil over recent years, but this week Greenergy also received an ethanol shipment from Brazil into Rotterdam, also made possible by a short-term trading window.

New intake of apprentices start work on Teesside

01 September 2015

This month four young people aged 17-18 started work as apprentices for Greenergy on Teesside.

Maddie Byrne from Redcar and Tom Wallace from Guisborough are now both Apprentice Process Technicians and Tom Berry an Apprentice Mechanical Fitter, all three are based at Greenergy’s biodiesel manufacturing plant at Seal Sands. This follows the successful completion of past apprenticeships resulting in permanent roles for Peter Lindley and Elliot Longmore, who are now part of the engineering team at the site.

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In addition Cameron Walker from Stockton on Tees has started his Process Technician apprenticeship at the Greenergy North Tees Fuel Terminal, also at Seal Sands.

This year’s apprentices have already completed a City and Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Process Operations. Over the next two years they will combine a Level 3 programme of study with practical hands-on experience, spending most of their time on-site putting theory into practice with their mentors and building the experience they need for their technical qualifications.

Maddie Byrne, Greenergy Teesside Biofuels Plant, Process Technician Apprentice said:

“I’m excited to be working on a real plant; it’s putting my studies into perspective. I’ve been shadowing the Process Technicians so far, many of whom were apprentices themselves, to understand their role and how the plant works. It’s fascinating to see it operating every day; it shows me how much more I have to learn.”

Dave Thompson, Partnerships Manager at TTE Technical Training Group, said:

“It’s great to have sponsors like Greenergy who understand the value and importance of apprenticeships. The potential for apprenticeships to lead not only to rewarding careers, but to exciting senior roles at fantastic companies, should never be overlooked when considering options post-16. Forward thinking businesses like Greenergy recognise this and help to create opportunities for young people.”

Lee Wood, Plant Manager for Teesside Biofuels, who also started his career as an apprentice said:

“Over 40% of staff at our biofuels plant started their career on an apprenticeship scheme. I really enjoyed my apprenticeship and value the early industry exposure it provided. My experience has shown me the value of learning from the bottom up and I wholeheartedly support apprenticeships as a brilliant entry into engineering.

“Learning doesn’t stop after your apprenticeship; I continued my development through distance learning and part time study while gaining practical experience working in the chemical industry. Greenergy encourages the continuous development of its employees. At our biofuels plant alone we currently have 11 members of staff studying for qualifications ranging from degrees to HNC’s and NVQ’s to specific technical certifications.”

Chris Platt, Greenergy North Tees Terminal Manager said:

“The young people we recruit today will be our future leaders, running our fuel terminals and manufacturing facilities in the years to come. We employ more than 100 skilled workers on Teesside alone, so there is plenty of scope for young people to train with us to gain the experience they need to develop their careers.

“As a company we take an active role in encouraging students to continue to study science, technology, engineering and maths because we know how important it is for our everyday operations. By encouraging the next generation of engineers we are building the foundation for a successful future both for the apprentices themselves and our operations.”

Greenergy opens innovative rail-to-road fuel supply location north of Toronto

22 May 2015

Greenergy opens innovative rail-to-road fuel supply location north of Toronto Greenergy today announces the opening of a new rail-to-road fuel supply location on the northern edge of Toronto in Concord, Ontario. Developed in partnership with Canadian National Railway (CN), the new terminal allows customers to load gasoline and diesel directly from rail cars into trucks using a fully automated system. This is the first facility of its kind capable of handling gasoline as well as diesel.

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As large conventional storage tanks are not required, the facility has been developed on a compact site on the northern edge of Toronto. The location offers easier truck access and greater efficiency for customers than the alternative supply locations which are either congested or on the other side of the city.

Mike Healey, Greenergy Managing Director said:

“This concept uses existing rail infrastructure to create a new and safe supply location that is convenient for our customers. By loading north of Toronto, our customers can reduce truck journey times and avoid heavy congestion on the orbital highways.”

We look forward to extending our collaboration with CN as we pursue further opportunities to make life easier for our customers.”

The new terminal is designed with safety in mind and has been purposely designed to be similar to conventional terminals, reducing the need for additional driver training. It features a new fully automated truck loading system allowing road vehicles to load directly from rail tank cars through fixed loading arms, ensuring ease of use and best in class gate to gate times.

Greenergy Fuels Canada Inc is an independent fuel supplier new to the Canadian market, supplying its first truck load of fuel in Canada on May 7 2013. Today it supplies customers from terminals at Hamilton (gasoline, premium gasoline and diesel) and Montreal (ethanol) as well as from the new rail-to-road facility at Concord (gasoline, premium gasoline and diesel).

Greenergy’s approach to safety is recognised by RoSPA awards

29 April 2015

Greenergy’s Immingham and Teesside biodiesel manufacturing facilities as well as Plymouth fuel terminal have all been awarded RoSPA awards recognising their on-going commitment to improving safety.

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Greenergy’s Immingham biodiesel manufacturing facility has been awarded Gold for the fourth consecutive year while Plymouth fuel terminal has been awarded Gold for a second year. In addition the Teesside biodiesel manufacturing facility (acquired in January 2015 from Harvest Biofuels Ltd) has been awarded Silver accreditation for their first year’s involvement in the scheme, marking the start of their journey to Gold accreditation.

The RoSPA Awards scheme is the largest and longest-running programme of its kind in the UK. The awards recognise commitment to continuous improvement in accident and ill health prevention at work across all businesses and industries. Judges consider entrants’ overarching occupational health and safety management systems, including practices such as leadership and workforce involvement.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive said:

“Safety is always our top priority. Our mission is to do no harm to people or place. To ensure this we continually look for ways to make what we do safer by reviewing our processes and procedures and making them central to everything we do.”

“In line with our expanding operations we have dedicated extra resource to ensure that we consistently achieve the highest level of health and safety across all of our sites.”

Greenergy’s approach to safety is based on detailed and open reporting and structured follow-up. Every individual working in the business is encouraged to report near misses and hazards, however small, so they can be followed up and more serious incidents prevented. Every incident is logged, investigated, tracked and resolved through a central management system. This information is analysed and shared throughout the company to ensure that lessons are learnt across all parts of the business.

Greenergy Branded Wholesaler for Esso – two years on

02 April 2015

Greenergy began supplying Esso branded dealers in Northern England, North Wales and Scotland just over two years ago when it took on fuel supply to 90 Esso branded dealer sites. This initial success was followed with supply to a further 101 Esso branded dealer sites in September 2014 when Greenergy’s Branded Wholesaler agreement with Esso was extended nationally.

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With many more dealerships signing subsequently, the number of Esso branded sites Greenergy now supplies has risen to nearly 250 sites.

The combination of the Esso brand and Greenergy service has proven extremely popular, both with long-standing Esso customers and with the 50 new dealers that have chosen the Esso brand since the Branded Wholesaler agreement took effect.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, said:

“Buying Esso quality fuel from Greenergy gives dealers the best of both worlds. Dealers benefit from the power of a major oil brand supported by the ability to issue Tesco Clubcard points and by Greenergy’s proven track record of excellent customer service.”

The Esso brand is working for dealers of all shapes and sizes across the country. Gordon Glen moved his medium sized site located just outside Glasgow to Greenergy supply over two years ago and has recently re-signed for another five years.

Gordon Glen, forecourt owner said:

“I’ve seen an increase in fuel volume sales since moving supply to Greenergy. They never let me down, and I’m sure that being able to issue Tesco Clubcard points has also played a role in keeping us competitive with nearby supermarkets.

“We had an unexpected rush of coaches recently leaving us very close to running out of fuel. Greenergy pulled out all the stops to bring our order forward and keep our business running.”

John Lynn, Managing Director MRH (GB) Ltd said:

“A number of our large Esso branded sites in Scotland are supplied by Greenergy who take responsibility for our stock management and product integrity. Greenergy’s haulage operation - Flexigrid - also delivers to a number of our sites in Central Southern England.

“We continue to be impressed by their no-nonsense approach and ability to circumvent roadblocks. It’s refreshing to work with a partner that understands the pressures of our business.”

The Esso brand is one of a choice of brands offered under Greenergy’s fuel supply package - alongside Nisa and ST1 - and customers also use their own brands such as Torq and Applegreen. All brands combine with Greenergy’s commitment to quality fuel, competitive pricing and hassle free deliveries.

Leading biofuels supplier Greenergy earns RSB sustainability certification

19 March 2015

Greenergy, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of waste based biodiesel, has earned the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) sustainability certification for the production of biodiesel from used cooking oil at its facilities in Immingham and North Cave.

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RSB is recognized by NGOs as the " most comprehensive and ambitious" biomaterials sustainability certification program in the world. RSB provides a holistic approach towards sustainability assurance, covering social, environmental, economic and operational aspects in its analysis.

Greenergy supplies more than a quarter of the UK's road fuel and manufactures its own biodiesel from wastes in order to meet its biodiesel blending obligations. The company sources waste oils and fats globally and operates two biodiesel manufacturing facilities in the UK, with a pre-processing facility enabling the use of an increasingly wide range of different wastes materials.

"Greenergy has unique experience of developing new supply chains for waste products in a number of different global markets and we have worked successfully together over a number of years to promote supply chain traceability," said RSB's Executive Director, Rolf Hogan.

"Greenergy's dedication to the use of waste oils and fats for biodiesel production fits well with RSB's emphasis on sustainable feedstocks and processing. We are very pleased that it has chosen RSB to demonstrate the sustainability of its biodiesel."

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, said "Through our offices in the UK, the USA and Dubai we continue to encourage the adoption of new traceable supply chains, often working with producers in countries where waste to energy schemes have not previously existed."

"Our next priority is to work towards RSB certification for our newly acquired biodiesel manufacturing facility on Teesside, UK."

Greenergy acquires Harvest biodiesel manufacturing assets in the UK

30 January 2015

Greenergy announces that it has today acquired Harvest Biofuels' biodiesel manufacturing facility at Seal Sands on Teesside, England. The acquisition of Harvest's manufacturing assets gives Greenergy additional biodiesel production capacity with which to meet its own biofuel blending obligations under the UK's Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.

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Greenergy already owns and operates a waste based biodiesel facility at Immingham on the east coast of England. Production from the Immingham facility is insufficient to meet the company's growing biodiesel blending requirements in the UK and therefore these have been met partially through imported biodiesel. The addition of the Seal Sands facility, which also produces biodiesel from waste oils, will reduce reliance on these imports and allow Greenergy to meet more of its biodiesel blending obligations through its own production.

As part of the agreement reached with Harvest:

  • Greenergy has taken on Harvest Biofuels' biodiesel storage contract at Dordrecht in the Netherlands.
  • Harvest Energy will become an ex-rack customer of Greenergy for petrol and diesel for its customers in the South East of England, Teesside and in Scotland.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, said:

"The acquisition of the Harvest biodiesel plant will help bring our own production and blend requirements into balance. Most of the biodiesel that we blend into diesel in the UK will now be manufactured and quality assured in our own facilities.

"There are great opportunities to improve further the performance of both manufacturing sites by making best use of feedstock, through technology transfer and the sharing of best practice."

Greenergy announces appointment of new Chief Financial Officer

12 January 2015

Greenergy has announced that Tirath Magdani, currently Chief Executive of Greenergy Asia, will take over as Chief Financial Officer effective summer 2016, when he completes his current assignment in Dubai. He joined Greenergy in 2009 from a major oil company, is a qualified chartered accountant and as Greenergy Group Treasurer led the restructuring of a $1 billion working capital facility.

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Tirath replaces Jitesh Sodha who has been CFO for the past seven years, during which time the company has seen significant growth. Jitesh has decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities at the end of the company's current financial year on 14 April 2015 but will remain in an advisory capacity until the closure of this year's annual accounts.

Stephen McCaffrey will take over the role of Interim Chief Financial Officer for the financial year 2015/16. A chartered accountant, Stephen became Chief Financial Officer of Greenergy Biofuels Ltd in 2005 and subsequently took on numerous business development and operational roles in Greenergy including acquisition and capital raising. Stephen will work in tandem with Jitesh from February 2015 to ensure a seamless transition.

Greenergy announces innovative rail to road fuel supply location north of Toronto

21 October 2014

Greenergy Fuels Canada, a recent entrant, has entered into a unique partnership with Canadian National Railway (CN), Canada's largest railway company, to create a new rail to road fuel supply location at Concord, Ontario, north of Toronto.

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Toronto's sprawling layout and heavily congested roads have historically made it a difficult location for fuel supply. The new rail to road supply location is conveniently located on the northern edge of the city centre and offers easy access and reduced delivery times for customers.

The new supply location is designed with safety in mind and has been purposely designed to be similar to conventional terminals, reducing the need for additional driver training. It will feature a new fully automated truck loading system allowing road vehicles to load directly from rail tank cars through fixed loading arms, ensuring ease of use and best in class gate to gate times.

The opening of this new location extends the collaboration between Greenergy and CN, which already operates over 90% of Greenergy's rail movements. CN has an unwavering commitment to safety; throughout 2014 they plan to invest approximately C$2.25 billion in capital programs across its North American system, of which approximately over C$1 billion is targeted toward maintaining the safety and integrity of the network.

Greenergy will begin supplying customers with E10, E100, ULSD and premium gasoline north of Toronto from early 2015. The facility complements the company's existing supply locations at Hamilton (all products) and Montreal (E100).

Mike Healey, Greenergy Managing Director said:

"CN's site is ideally located to provide reliable road fuel supply to the region. The facility is being developed with our customers in mind, emulating conventional terminal procedures to ensure safe and convenient road loading.

"Our ongoing aim is to make life easier for customers. In our first year we established a strong track record of supply reliability by rail, truck and vessel. We will continue to maintain our focus on resilience, gate to gate times and back office efficiency."

Thames Enterprise Park progresses with appointment of refinery demolition contractor

11 September 2014

Thames Enterprise Park has taken a major step towards the economic development of the site of the former Coryton Refinery with the appointment of specialist contractor Brown and Mason Ltd to demolish the redundant refinery and boiler house.

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A vision prepared by the owners of Thames Enterprise Park for creation of a centre of excellence in energy and environmental technologies won the support of Thurrock Council's Cabinet on 2 July 2014. Up to 400 acres of the 580-acre former refinery site is to be used for Thames Enterprise Park, with 122 acres immediately available and another 70 acres to be freed up by the clearance of the refinery.

Under Brown and Mason's contract, structures will be demolished down to the level of the concrete base, asbestos will be safely removed from the site, some units will be cleaned or decontaminated before removal and materials will be segregated to maximise potential for waste recycling.

The former refinery's tanks, jetties and loading racks are being converted into a deep water import and blending terminal at neighbouring Thames Oilport and will not be demolished under this contract. The poor condition of this infrastructure has meant that the conversion project continues to take longer than expected. The design for Thames Oilport is still under review and current efforts are on creating the optimum footprint, given the desire to maximise land available for redevelopment at Thames Enterprise Park.

Graham Alexander, head of business development at Thames Enterprise Park, comments, "The business of Thames Enterprise Park is progressing well ahead of our investment expectations. The potential of the site has become very obvious since we took ownership. It is a great strategic location for business and, as an established industrial site with river, road and pipeline access, has a unique set of attributes."

Cllr John Kent, leader of Thurrock Council, said: "While it's sad to see another of Thurrock's old landmarks disappear, at the same time it's exciting as another dynamic industry rises here and utilises our unique geographical advantages.

"The River Thames, the A13 and the M25 mean Thurrock is within reach of everywhere – whether in this country or abroad. That much of the site's infrastructure is being converted to a use that's new yet still related to the traditional oil industry is one thing, but that the rest will become part of the Thames Enterprise Park, something I see energising a superb new and innovative industry in Thurrock, is better still."

Brown and Mason is already on site and Thurrock's coastal landscape should start to change early next year. Demolition is expected to take approximately 2 years. The Dartford-based contractor will be using around 80 existing employees for the demolition, which will be overseen by a specialist team of 17 employed by Thames Enterprise Park.

Greenergy becomes fuel supplier to Esso dealerships nationally

10 September 2014

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, confirms that it has today begun supplying Esso quality fuel to Esso branded independent dealerships in the Midlands, the South of England and South Wales.

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Greenergy has been a Branded Wholesaler for Esso since February 2013, when it took over fuel supply to Esso branded dealerships in the North of England, North Wales and Scotland. Effective today, the agreement extends nationally and Greenergy takes over supply to a further 104 Esso branded dealerships.

Greenergy also has rights to market the Esso brand to independent forecourts nationally, offering Esso-branded fuel supply alongside its other brand options. Both the number of Esso branded sites supplied by Greenergy and their sales volume have grown strongly under the Branded Wholesaler arrangement, demonstrating the popularity of the Esso brand when paired with Greenergy's focus on efficiency and hands on customer service.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive said:

"There has been considerable interest from dealers looking for a major oil brand and loyalty scheme with Greenergy's flexible terms, competitive pricing, supply reliability and customer responsiveness. This is a unique combination, making it one of the strongest fuel offerings in the UK."

Duncan Connolly, Retail Director of Esso Petroleum Company Limited said:

"Greenergy already supplies high quality Esso fuels to independent dealers in the northern half of the country, and has attracted 25 additional independent dealer sites to switch to the Esso brand. Through our business relationship with Greenergy, we plan to continue this growth following the conclusion of the latest Esso branded fuel supply agreement."

Greenergy regenerates former refinery on Teesside to meet future North East and wider UK road fuel requirements

13 August 2014

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of road fuel, has completed the first significant milestone in the regeneration of a former refinery on Teesside, now called Greenergy North Tees, as part of its national programme of investment in fuel infrastructure.

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This phase of regeneration has seen the facility, a top tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) site, upgraded to include petrol storage. New pipeline links have been created to other storage facilities in the Teesside area and improvements have been made to tanks, road loading and import facilities. A new petrol rail loading facility has also been installed so that petrol can be transported from the region by train to other UK locations for the first time.

The result is an integrated and flexible supply terminal for both petrol and diesel that is responsive to changing fuel supply and demand trends and capable of meeting the future road fuel requirements of the North East region as well as the wider UK economy.

The former refinery, located at Seal Sands near Middlesbrough, was closed by previous owner Petroplus in 2010 and used as a diesel terminal. It was acquired by Greenergy from Petroplus' administrators in July 2012 and re-opened as Greenergy North Tees in November that year.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive said:

"With the number of UK refineries falling from 19 in 1975 to just seven today, the UK relies on import terminals for an increasing proportion of its fuel. Our major programme of investment at terminals across the UK is creating the modern and flexible facilities we all need for the future.

"The regeneration of the North Tees facility ensures greater fuel resilience in the North East and beyond. This is a major site with the potential to provide back-up supply to other locations such as Scotland if required."

Following a visit to the site on the opening of the new rail loading facility, Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North said:

"The transformation of Greenergy North Tees terminal has helped bolster the local economy by providing work for local contractors. It's also putting Teesside back on the map as a major contributor to the UK's fuel security."

The regeneration of North Tees follows investments by Greenergy in storage and distribution facilities at Thames Oilport (acquired in 2012, joint venture with Vopak and Shell), Cardiff (2010), Teesside (2009), Plymouth (2008) and West Thurrock, Thames (2008).

Greenergy grows its Esso dealer relationships

15 May 2014

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, today announced that it has reached agreement with Esso Petroleum UK to become the fuel supplier to Esso dealerships in the Midlands, the South of England and South Wales.

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Greenergy has been a Branded Wholesaler for Esso since February last year, when it took over fuel supply to Esso dealerships in the North of England, North Wales and Scotland. At that time Greenergy also gained the right to market the Esso brand to independent forecourts, offering fuel supply under the Esso brand alongside its other brand options.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive said:

"The extension of this contract recognises the success of the original transfer. We are delighted to be extending the existing arrangement nationally and look forward to bringing Greenergy levels of customer responsiveness, service and reliability to our new customers. We will continue to work with Esso to develop one of the strongest fuel offerings in the UK."

Duncan Connolly, Esso's UK Retail Director said, "This agreement with Greenergy marks the latest stage in the development of the Esso brand in the UK and builds on a similar arrangement in northern Britain which is proving successful for all parties involved – dealers, Greenergy and Esso."

Greenergy's biodiesel manufacturing facility at Immingham restarts following flooding

30 April 2014

Greenergy's biodiesel manufacturing facility at Immingham commenced production again this week following tidal flooding last December, the worst experienced in more than 60 years.

The facility is the largest of its kind in Europe, converting a wide range of waste oils and fats into biodiesel.

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The tidal flood, on 5 December 2013, caused water levels in the facility to reach seven feet in places and resulted in extensive damage to electrical equipment and pumps. The facility was shut down safely in advance of the flooding, there was no loss of containment and no one was hurt.

All critical equipment damaged by flooding has since been replaced and a phased programme of re-commissioning has now begun, allowing for testing and adjustments during the restart process.

Greenergy staff continue to coordinate the rebuilding of the site from a temporary office in Grimsby and will move back into their new offices at the facility towards the end of May. The company employs nearly 50 staff at its Immingham facility, in addition to over 25 local contractors daily.

Andrew Owens, Chief Executive of Greenergy said:

"Our Immingham team have been working hard to reinstall the vital equipment needed to get this important plant back into production. It's been a challenging period for everyone, but we're all pleased with how quickly we have managed to repair the damage and to be getting back to normal."

GreenSky prepares to land in Thurrock

16 April 2014

Greenergy has reached agreement with Solena fuels in partnership with British Airways to become the site project facilitator for GreenSky, the world's first facility to convert landfill waste into jet fuel, at Thames Enterprise Park.

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Thames Enterprise Park is being developed on the site of the former Coryton refinery in Thurrock, Essex, using land not required for construction of the Thames Oilport import terminal.

Andrew Owens, Chief Executive of Greenergy said:

"This is an ideal site for a biofuel initiative like Solena's and we are very pleased to be associated with it. The site provides a riverside location on the Thames, adjacent to Thames Oilport, with fuel storage and fuel pipelines and good road, rail and jetty infrastructure.

"Thames Enterprise Park's main goal is to provide regeneration of the former Coryton oil refinery following its closure in 2012. The facility proposed by British Airways and Solena is exactly the type of high profile technology project both we and Thurrock Council want to attract to the site, particularly given the number of skilled jobs provided."

Greenergy's approach to safety is recognised by RoSPA Gold Awards

28 March 2014

Greenergy's Plymouth fuel terminal and biodiesel manufacturing facility at Immingham have both been awarded RoSPA Gold awards for occupational health and safety.

The awards recognise Greenergy's commitment to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety performance and management.

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Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive said:

"Over the last 18 months operational responsibility for both these facility has been brought in-house. These awards recognise the continuous improvement at both sites, with the Plymouth terminal progressing from a silver award last year and our biodiesel manufacturing facility demonstrating improvement on every measure of health and safety performance.

"We're making significant infrastructure investments at the current time, so it's critically important that our approach to safety is of the highest standard."

Greenergy's approach to safety is based on detailed and open reporting and structured follow-up. Every individual working in the business is encouraged to report near misses and hazards, however small, so they can be followed up and more serious incidents prevented. Every incident is logged, investigated, tracked and resolved through dedicated central SHE management software. This information is analysed and shared throughout the company to ensure that lessons are learnt across all parts of the business.

The RoSPA Awards scheme is the largest and longest-running programme of its kind in the UK. It recognises commitment to accident and ill health prevention and is open to businesses and organisations of all types and sizes from across the UK and overseas. The scheme not only looks at accident records, but also entrants' overarching health and safety management systems, including practices such as leadership and workforce involvement.

Thames Enterprise Park

12 February 2014

Around 400 acres of riverside industrial land on the Thames Estuary in Thurrock, Essex, is being readied for potential industrial occupiers. Thames Enterprise Park is strategically located with good road access, via the A13, to J30/31 of the M25 (12 miles) and Central London (40 miles). It benefits from an existing railhead, jetty and pipeline infrastructure.

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Identified by Thurrock Council as a potential centre of excellence in energy and environmental technology, the location is also suitable for a wide range of production, power generation, storage and logistics uses, alongside supply chain companies in those sectors. Occupiers may be able to take advantage of energy infrastructure, such as the UK Oil Pipeline, high pressure gas supplies and high voltage power lines, as well as synergies with the adjacent superport, London Gateway, and oil import terminal, Thames Oilport.

Immediately available is 110 acres on the river with jetty access, situated adjacent to London Gateway. Additional land currently occupied by the main refinery structures could become available as early as 2017 following their demolition and sale. The owners are undertaking a significant amount of site due diligence work pending construction works to prepare serviced development plots.

Early estimates suggest that as many as 2,000 permanent jobs could be accommodated on the site, more than replacing in number those lost when the refinery closed in June 2012. If Thames Enterprise Park achieves its ambition of attracting high technology occupiers, the jobs created will provide skilled opportunities and diversification of the local employment base. Higher education, further education and skills training partners are being sought to support the local workforce in taking up the sector-specific opportunities created.

A bid was made in March 2013 to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership to designate Thames Enterprise Park as an Enterprise Zone. Designation would facilitate remediation of the former-refinery land and support upgrading of the site's existing infrastructure. Public funding is also potentially available for infrastructure and to support occupiers for education and training initiatives.

Cllr John Kent, Leader of Thurrock Council, commented, "The loss of the refinery was a blow to the local economy, as well as the national one, but the ideas being put forward for the area now are really exciting, again on a local and a national – if not international – level and will enhance Thurrock's growing position as the powerhouse of Britain's economic recovery."

Graham Alexander, Head of Business Development for Thames Enterprise Park, comments, "The enormous potential of the site became apparent when we started receiving multiple expressions of interest from would-be occupiers despite a lack of active marketing."

Paul Mussi, Partner of Knight Frank, who is advising, commented, "This is one of the largest industrial development sites within the North Thames Gateway. Whilst it is focused on the technological industrial occupier market, it will also appeal to a multitude of different types of industrial and warehouse occupiers who want sites with good links to the London Conurbation, but need to be some distance from neighbouring residential dwellings, which tend to impact on use and development. Thames Enterprise Park boasts good road connections, alternative rail and sea logistics options and has excellent potential to provide development platforms. It is not surprising that we are already in serious discussions with several occupiers who are interested in relatively large tracts of land like this, which are in scarce supply elsewhere in the region."

Greenergy creates new business in Dubai

27 January 2014

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, today announced the opening of a new office in Dubai and the start of a new business called Greenergy Asia DMCC, led by Tirath Magdani, recently appointed as CEO Greenergy Asia.

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The aim of the business is to:

  • Further develop Greenergy's global supply platform by co-investing in supply partnerships for oil products and biofuel feedstock in Asia, the Middle East and India; and
  • Develop local opportunities for supply of logistical services based around the Greenergy Flexigrid logistical systems and expertise.

Following its purchase of former refineries on Teesside and at Thames Oilport in the United Kingdom, Greenergy now has the benefit of deep water product jetties and is able to bring product on large LR1 and LR2 type vessels direct from the Middle East and Asia to the UK market. The opening of the new office is part of developing these import opportunities.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Group Chief Executive said:

"With deep water jetties at Thames Oilport and Greenergy North Tees and additional storage at both locations, we now have the infrastructure to move oil products from Asia and the Middle East directly to the UK."

Tirath Magdani, CEO Greenergy Asia said:

"Greenergy Asia DMCC, registered in Dubai, has been established to forge closer trading and supply relationships with Middle Eastern and Asian fuel and feedstock producers. I am looking forward to introducing Greenergy as a customer and business partner in these very exciting markets."

East coast flooding

East coast flooding: Update

14 January 2014

We continue to make progress towards resuming manufacturing at our biodiesel facility at Immingham. All equipment damage has been assessed and replacement critical equipment has been ordered from manufacturers, with delivery of major equipment commencing in February. In the meantime the site has been stabilised and a programme of repairs is already well underway. Re-commissioning of the plant will commence in a phased way soon after the critical equipment is installed.

We are pleased to have been able to maintain normal supply to our customers throughout this period.


East coast flooding

East coast flooding

6 December 2013

Our biodiesel manufacturing facility at Immingham was affected by flood water on 5 December following the worse tidal flooding seen on the east coast of the UK for 60 years.

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We would like to commend our staff for the way in which they handled this difficult situation. The facility was shut down safely in advance of the flooding, there was no loss of containment and no one was hurt.

There has been damage to electrical systems and at this point in time we cannot give a date for re-opening the facility.

We have been able to move esterified product out of the site and we do not expect an interruption in supply to our customers going forward.


Greenergy Fuels Canada

Greenergy announces its first fuel sales in Ontario, Canada

8 May 2013

Greenergy today announced that has begun supplying diesel, gasoline and biofuel to customers in Canada, with the first sales through Vopak's new road loading facilities at the Hamilton terminal.

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Since announcing its intention last year to establish a new fuel supply business in Southwestern Ontario, Greenergy has been putting in place the infrastructure to ensure resilient supply. Works have been carried out at Vopak's Hamilton terminal to provide Greenergy with the most advanced road loading system in the Greater Toronto area, on an exclusive basis. Refurbishments, including the installation of bio-blending, have also been completed to allow for efficient supply of gasoline, diesel and biofuel.

Mike Healey, Director, Greenergy Fuels Canada said:

"We've been talking to many potential customers over the last four months and there is clearly appetite for a new breed of fuel supplier in the Canadian market. We intend to be just that - to provide innovation and continuous improvement and to exceed the expectations of our customers at all times.

"Our strategy in Canada will be the same as that of our UK parent, to supply competitively priced fuel combined with the highest levels of customer service, supply reliability, operational efficiency and sustainability."

Bruce Wood, Hamilton Port Authority President & CEO;

"We're pleased to see this new investment, leveraging the Port of Hamilton's multimodal infrastructure and strategic location within the Ontario region."

Greenergy intends to expand to other supply locations in Canada in due course.

Independent forecourts

Greenergy expands fuel supply offer for independent petrol retailers to include the Esso and Nisa brands

14 February 2013

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, today announced that it has added the Esso and Nisa brands to its offer for independent dealerships. This now combines fuel supply with a choice of oil major, convenience, new independent and dealer-own brands, as well as a range of support services.

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Greenergy reached an agreement with Esso last September to take over fuel supply to Esso dealers in Northern England, North Wales and Scotland, but the agreement was subject to review by the dealers affected. Following a successful review period, Greenergy today begins supplying Esso quality fuel to 90 existing Esso dealers and is now able to offer the Esso brand, with Esso quality fuel supply, to non-Esso dealers. At sites under the Esso brand, customers can continue to use their Esso cards and can expect the same buying experience.

Separately, Greenergy has also reached an agreement with the award-winning Nisa Retail Limited to market its brands in the UK, extending the Nisa symbols from stores to forecourt.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive said:

"Many independent forecourts are telling us that they want different solutions for different sites, so we're creating the freedom to choose what's right for each forecourt. Our offer gives the flexibility of site-specific brand and service options, plus the convenience and cost benefits of buying from a single national supplier."

Raj Krishan, Retail Development Director at Nisa said,

"Many of our retail members operate petrol stations with onsite stores and so we're delighted to be able to support these members by extending our offering from the store to the forecourt. Through this exciting partnership with Greenergy, we're now able to offer our members fuel supply under a choice of forecourt brands, including the Nisa and Loco symbol, with the operating efficiencies and high service levels for which Greenergy is renowned."


Notes to editors:

Greenergy is a leading national provider of road fuel with significant infrastructure and service capability. Today it supplies in excess of 10 billion litres of petrol, diesel and biofuel annually – one quarter of all the road fuel sold in Britain. Its customers include major oil companies and supermarkets, independent petrol retailers, fuel resellers and fleet users such as bus and logistics companies.

Greenergy's dealer offer provides transparently priced fuel supply plus a range of optional extras such as haulage, wet stock management or pay at pump. Dealers are free to use an existing brand or have access to a portfolio of brands including Esso, Nisa and ST1.


More information about our fuel supply offer for independent forecourts.


Greenergy North Tees terminal

Greenergy named 2013 oil and gas sector leader by Forest Footprint Disclosure

30th January 2013

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, was yesterday named oil and gas sector leader by the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) in its fourth annual report. FFD encourages big business to recognise the impact of their use of "forest risk" commodities (biofuels, soy, palm oil, timber and cattle products) on the world's forests and to disclose their use of these commodities.

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Announcing its third Annual Review, James Hulse, Director of FFD said:

"The debate about use of food-grade feedstocks for biofuel and sustainable supply for bio-energy this year has meant that the Oil and Gas sector has been under considerable scrutiny. Those companies responding to FFD continue to demonstrate responsibility, offering market differentiation underpinned by sophisticated feedstock control systems and FFD is delighted that Greenergy has continued to lead this good work." Greenergy Managing Director, Tamara Earley said:

"We are proud to be recognised again by FFD for our leadership role in the global oil and gas sector. We implement traceability, risk assessment and sustainability controls for the feedstocks in every litre of biofuel we supply, but we also differentiate in our use of waste materials instead of crops and in our approach to disclosure. "We now manufacture significant quantities of biofuel from waste, replacing crops with waste streams from the food industry and thereby minimising the direct and indirect impact of our biofuel usage on forest commodities.

"We also share FFD's views on the importance of disclosure. By making available detailed information about the origin of our biofuel supply, we correct inaccurate assumptions, manage reputational risk and, most importantly, focus our own organization on continuous improvement."

Separately, Greenergy was also yesterday named as Low Carbon Champion by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. This award celebrates outstanding and innovative practice in accelerating the shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels and reducing road transport emissions.

"Greenergy has shown leadership in the developing the biofuels market in the UK for many years. The investment at North Cave will push the boundaries of sustainable low carbon biodiesel further still and will deliver benefits for the UK economy and the environment".

Greenergy North Tees terminal

Greenergy North Tees terminal update: commencement of diesel, gasoil and kerosene supply

29th November 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, today announced that it has commenced diesel, gasoil and kerosene supply from its terminal at Teesside, now known as Greenergy North Tees.

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The North Tees facility was already closed when it was acquired by Greenergy in July 2012, having ceased commercial operation earlier in the year following the Administration of Petroplus Refining Teesside Ltd. Since taking over at the terminal Greenergy has undertaken a condition survey and made certain improvements prior to commencing supply.

The company now intends to make further significant investments at the site in order to create an integrated supply system for petrol and diesel in the North East and a new hub for its rail distribution network.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, commented:

"Our North Tees terminal will complement our existing petrol manufacturing facilities on Teesside, by adding the infrastructure for a new rail head, our own jetty capable of receiving large diesel ships and product interchange between terminal locations."

Planned improvements at North Tees over the next 18 months include:

  • Jetty modifications;
  • A new pipeline to link Greenergy North Tees to other terminals in the Teesside area;
  • Refurbishment to tankage and road loading facilities;
  • Enhancements to IT.

The project at North Tees follows investments by Greenergy in storage and distribution facilities at amongst others Thames Oilport (2012, joint venture between Vopak, Greenergy and Shell), Cardiff (2010), Teesside (2009), Plymouth (2008) and West Thurrock (2008).

Greenergy continues to supply petrol, diesel and gasoil from Vopak Terminal Teesside.

Greenergy driver

Greenergy works with tanker drivers on safety

27th November 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, is installing new equipment at its supply locations in order to improve safety for drivers when they fill their road tankers with fuel.

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The initiative, instigated following a safety walk involving driver and shop steward Dean Lawrence and Greenergy Chief Executive Andrew Owens, introduces drip trays to prevent the potential build-up of petrol and diesel residue in the loading bay area.

Dean Lawrence said:

"The drip trays are simple but effective. By collecting even the smallest leaks of fuel from the loading arms, they help keep the loading area clean and reduce potential slip hazards. These are practical things that make a real difference.

"As senior shop steward for Unite, I'm encouraged by Greenergy's willingness to engage with its drivers and with the union on safety matters. It's an approach others in the industry should follow."

Andrew Owens said:

"Our drivers are obviously best placed to observe potential safety issues as part of their daily routine. We want to harness that knowledge to deliver safety improvements on an ongoing basis.

"We have an official safety representative for Greenergy Flexigrid at all of our operating centres, but we also encourage all drivers to come forward with observations and ideas at any time. I personally take a lead on this and aim to meet all our drivers at least once a year."

The drip trays have already been installed at West Thurrock, Plymouth, North Tees, Eastham and Clydebank and are on order for Grays and Vopak Teesside.

Greenergy Fuels Canada

Greenergy launches new fuel supply business in Canada

1st November 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of gasoline and diesel, today announces that during the second quarter of 2013, it will begin supplying diesel, gasoline and biofuel in Southwestern Ontario.

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Greenergy has been a successful supplier of fuel in the UK for nearly 20 years, and today supplies more than a quarter of the UK road fuel market. It is now looking to continue that success internationally, building on its existing UK, US and Brazilian operations.

Paul Bateson, Chief Operating Officer of Greenergy's international operations and Director of Greenergy Fuels Canada, said:

"In the UK, Greenergy has achieved long-term growth by delivering what every customer ultimately wants – lowest priced fuel combined with the highest levels of customer service, supply resilience, operational efficiency and sustainability. We intend to replicate that strategy in Canada."

Kirby Tremblay and Mike Healey join Greenergy as joint Managing Directors in Canada and bring more than thirty years of combined experience in Canadian petroleum supply and marketing.

Greenergy's first supply location in Canada will be the Vopak terminal at Hamilton, from where it will supply E10 gasoline, ULSD and Ethanol. Significant terminal improvements are being made to enhance the customer experience in this location and to allow Greenergy to supply E10 from Q2 2013.

The company intends to expand to other supply locations in Canada in due course.

Tony Durrant

Appointment of Tony Durrant as Non-Executive Director

9th October 2012

Greenergy announces that Tony Durrant, Finance Director of Premier Oil plc, will be appointed to the Board as Non-Executive Director effective 11 October. Tony will chair the Greenergy Audit and Risk Committee.

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Tony joined Premier Oil as Finance Director in June 2005. He started his career as a chartered accountant with Arthur Andersen before joining Lehman Brothers in London, initially as an oil sector analyst. He joined the investment banking division of Lehman in 1987 and from 1997 was a Managing Director and Head of the European Natural Resources Group. In this role he managed both client relationships and numerous transactions for a variety of European and North American clients.

Paul Lester, Chairman of Greenergy, commented:

"Tony brings significant additional financial and industrial expertise to the Greenergy Board, as well as rigour in corporate governance. We are delighted to have appointed a Non-Executive of his calibre and we look forward to working with him as we continue to deliver on our strategic goals."

Coryton Refinery

Vopak, Greenergy and Shell complete purchase of the former Coryton refinery

1st October 2012

Royal Vopak, Greenergy and Shell UK Limited today have completed on Friday 28th September the purchase of the assets of the former Coryton refinery with PwC, administrators of Petroplus Refining & Marketing Limited. The transaction follows the earlier announcement by the consortium on 26 June 2012.

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The three companies plan to develop and invest in this facility – to be named Thames Oil Port - to create a state-of-the-art import and distribution terminal for oil products to be managed by Vopak. The initial storage capacity will be around 500,000 cubic meters (cbm), with potential to expand to up to 1 million cbm in later stages.

Greenergy train

Greenergy develops its use of rail freight

5th September 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, has developed its use of rail freight by introducing new, larger capacity wagons that will reduce the number of journeys needed to deliver fuel.

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The new wagons, on lease from VTG AG, are bottom loaded to provide a safer working environment by avoiding the need for working at height. In total, the wagons are able to carry 2 million litres of fuel.

Greenergy began moving fuel by rail in January, when the company's rail-fed fuel storage and distribution facilities opened in Cardiff.

Andrew Owens, Chief Executive of Greenergy, commented:

"We are delighted to be using rail freight to move fuel between our terminals, replacing the use of ships and trucks. By using rail instead of ships, we are able to make smaller but more frequent deliveries between our UK storage locations, and thereby increase capacity utilisation and productivity at our terminals."

Teesside Terminal

Greenergy purchases terminal assets at Teesside

26th July 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, today announced that it has purchased assets at the former Petroplus facility in Teesside from the joint administrators of Petroplus Refining Teesside Ltd, PwC.

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Located at Seal Sands, the terminal was previously operated by Petroplus as a diesel storage and supply location but ceased commercial operations shortly after the company went into administration earlier in the year. Greenergy has been supplying its customers in the region from the neighbouring Vopak terminal, where it has invested in fuel manufacturing, storage and distribution facilities.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, commented:

"The North East is an important hub in our UK fuel infrastructure platform and an area where we have significant sales volume. We will continue to manufacture fuel and supply our customers from the Vopak facility. Once it has been developed, this new site will be integrated into our existing North East system to give additional product and manufacturing capability.

This strategic infrastructure investment follows Greenergy's recent acquisition of assets at the Coryton refinery in a joint venture with Vopak and Shell."

The terminal will remain closed for commercial supply over the next few months while development plans for the site are drawn up in cooperation with the relevant authorities. The plans will include the construction of a new rail head, making Teesside the hub of Greenergy's rail distribution network and allowing efficient movement of fuel between Teesside and its other UK locations by rail rather than by road or ship.

The 20 personnel currently working at the site will remain in employment and will assist in the development planning.

The acquisition follows investments by Greenergy in storage and distribution facilities at Coryton (2012), Cardiff (2010) Teesside (2009), Plymouth (2008) and West Thurrock on the Thames (2008).

Coryton Refinery

Royal Vopak, Greenergy and Shell to develop new import terminal for oil products at Coryton

26th June 2012

Royal Vopak, Greenergy, and Shell UK Limited have reached agreement today with the joint administrators of Petroplus Refining & Marketing Limited, to purchase assets of the former Coryton refinery. The three companies plan to develop and invest in a state-of-the-art import and distribution terminal to be managed by Vopak. The initial storage capacity will be around 500,000 cubic meters (cbm), with potential to expand to up to 1 million cbm in later stages.

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Vopak, Greenergy and Shell will be equal shareholders of the new joint venture, which will acquire and develop the assets and the site. After reaching final agreement on the future design and operational capabilities, Vopak, on behalf of the joint venture, will execute the development of this new facility and will operate the terminal when the works have been completed. Greenergy and Shell will sign long-term contracts with the joint venture. The deep water import terminal will play an important role in ensuring a secure supply of oil products to the UK, enabling large import volumes.

The investment will be used to convert components of the current refinery infrastructure for use as a class-leading import terminal and this will involve operational, technical, safety and environmental enhancements to the current infrastructure, including modern blending technology.

Eelco Hoekstra, Chairman of the Executive Board of Vopak: "Following the developments in the refining industry in the current market, we look forward to teaming up with our partners Greenergy and Shell and developing this facility into a state-of-the-art import and distribution terminal at this strategic location, ensuring safe and efficient operations for the UK market."

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive: "This investment will create the UK's first deep water fuel import terminal, making it possible to bring in diesel economically from the most modern refineries anywhere in the world. With diesel sales continuing to grow ahead of petrol sales in the UK, this is a vital development to ensure a low cost and reliable fuel supply for the British motorist in the years ahead."

Graham van 't Hoff, Chairman, Shell UK: "This move will provide a long term, secure supply for our customers in the UK and will support the recent expansion of our retail network, delivering competitive supply chain costs."

Cardiff terminal

Greenergy named 2012 oil and gas sector leader by Forest Footprint Disclosure

7th February 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, was today named oil and gas sector leader by the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD). FFD encourages big business to recognise the impact of their use of "forest risk" commodities (biofuels, soy, palm oil, timber and cattle products) on the world's forests and to disclose their use of these commodities.

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Announcing its third Annual Review, FFD said "Greenergy International Ltd, which led the [oil and gas] sector and was also one of the most improved companies overall in terms of the depth of their disclosure, demonstrates that it can be done and is leading the way for others to follow."

Greenergy Managing Director, Tamara Earley said "We believe fundamentally that disclosure drives improvement, and we're delighted to be recognised as sector leader for a second time.

"We have significantly reduced our use of crop-based biofuels by investing in biodiesel production from waste streams we were previously unable to use. For our remaining biofuels, we have worked with individual suppliers to obtain land use and carbon information, recognising that when we use the world resources for biofuels, we must do so responsibly. We have also used BioCarbon Tracker as a unique and engaging medium through which to explain the origin of our biofuels, and we encourage other businesses to follow our lead."

Other sector leaders recognised for the second consecutive year included British Airways, Drax Group, Marks and Spencer, J Sainsbury and Reed Elesvier.

Cardiff terminal

Greenergy commences fuel sales from Cardiff terminal

31st January 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of petrol and diesel, today announced that it has commenced petrol and diesel sales from its new tankage and distribution facilities in Cardiff. This follows completion of an 18 month project to refurbish an existing site and construct new tankage and rail facilities.

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Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, commented:

"Our new facilities in Cardiff give us our own distribution facilities in South Wales for the first time, and the opportunity to increase sales in the region. Commercial sales from the terminal began in the first week of January and we have been phasing in additional customers over the past few weeks. We expect to reach full capacity during Q2 this calendar year.

"Completion of the terminal gives us control over stock availability and product quality in the Cardiff area, allowing us to achieve even higher levels of resilience for our customers. We are also increasing our own productivity by using rail to move fuel between Cardiff and our other UK terminals."

Use of rail freight allows Greenergy to make smaller, but more frequent deliveries than would be economic by ship, allowing the company to operate in Cardiff with higher throughput and capacity utilisation than would otherwise be possible.

The Cardiff terminal was developed in a partnership between Greenergy and Inver Energy, an established tank storage operator. It follows investments by Greenergy in storage and distribution facilities at Teesside, Plymouth and Thames estuary.

Man working at the Biodiesel Plant

Greenergy develops RIN integrity standard for biofuel in the United States

30th January 2012

Greenergy, the UK's leading supplier of gasoline and diesel, today announced the development of a traceability standard to verify the integrity of Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), used to demonstrate compliance with obligations for renewable fuel use in the U.S.

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The standard marks the next step in the development of Greenergy's international biofuel supply and blending business and follows the recent accreditation of its Brazilian bioethanol sustainability standard under the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

Paul Bateson, COO of Greenergy, commented:

"The production, sale and blending of U.S biodiesel, alongside supply of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol into the U.S, complements our biofuel and petroleum business in Europe. As we expand, we want to ensure the same level of trust with our trading counterparties that we have enjoyed in Europe over many years of demonstrating our supply chain management capability."

"There have been concerns over the trading of fraudulent and invalid RINs in the U.S. market. Our new Integrity Standard for RIN verification and traceability is intended to address such concerns and establish a unique level of transparency in the marketplace. To my understanding it is the first of its kind in the U.S."

The Greenergy RIN Integrity Standard (GRIS) requires third party auditors to verify that biofuel has been produced in the stated quantities and according to Environmental Protection Agency requirements. Independent auditors will be required to visit selected production sites for initial certification, and then on an annual basis to confirm production processes, output, feedstocks and supply chain traceability, according to audit procedures that encompass and exceed the existing EPA RFS2 attestation requirements.

Stringent audits involving documentation verification for sugarcane ethanol production will be a key function of the GRIS for sugarcane ethanol imports into the US for D5 RIN generation.

Greenergy will undergo quarterly audits by third party auditors to ensure that it is strictly adhering to enhanced RIN verification and handling procedures. These requirements include:

  • Traceability on K2 RINS including K1-K2 conversion method; and
  • Documentary requirements attesting that RINless renewable fuel is handled upstream and downstream according to EPA RFS2 regulations.

The standard will be applied to biofuel and RINs purchased and supplied by Greenergy in the U.S.

Brazilian bioethanol auditing

Greenergy sustainability programme for Brazilian bioethanol becomes first voluntary scheme to gain approval under the EU Renewable Energy Directive

19th July 2011

Pan-European recognition allows Greenergy to supply sustainable bioethanol across Europe.

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Greenergy, one of the largest fuel suppliers in the UK, announced today that its gold standard sustainability criteria for Brazilian bioethanol has become one of the first voluntary sustainability schemes to gain formal approval by the European Commission under the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). Approval grants Greenergy the ability to supply sustainable bioethanol from its unique supply chain into all 27 EU countries.

The Renewable Energy Directive sets mandatory sustainability requirements for biofuels to be sold in the EU. However individual EU Member States are interpreting the Directive in varying ways, creating different biofuel sustainability rules in specific markets and making it difficult for companies to supply across borders or procure on the basis of common standards.

European Commission approval of Greenergy's sustainability criteria as a common European standard means that Greenergy can now supply a certified bioethanol product offering very high greenhouse gas savings and automatically satisfying the sustainability rules of all 27 EU countries.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive, commented:

"Ours is one of the first voluntary sustainability schemes to be approved at EU level and we are proud to be first mover again, setting higher standards for the biofuel sector. We now have a product that guarantees compliance with all national sustainability requirements. This puts us in the position to supply sustainable bioethanol to customers across Europe and to seek supply partnerships in new markets."

Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger said:

"We need to make sure that the entire biofuels' production and supply chain is sustainable. This is why we have set the highest sustainability standards in the world. The schemes recognised on the EU level today are a good example of a transparent and reliable system which ensures that these high standards are met."

Greenergy has been sourcing ethanol from Brazil for more than five years and, with the creation of Greenergy Brazil in January 2010, has a permanent buying and sustainability team in Brazil. The team has long-term commercial relationships with Brazilian mills, all of which have demonstrated significant ongoing commitment to meeting Greenergy's gold standard criteria. Since 2010, 100% of the bioethanol supplied from Greenergy Brazil to Europe has complied with Greenergy's gold standard sustainability criteria.

Biofuel from waste

Greenergy listed as third largest private company in Britain by Sunday Times Deloitte Top Track 100

26th June 2011

Greenergy, the UK’s leading supplier of petrol and diesel, was today listed as the third biggest private company in Britain by the Sunday Times Deloitte Top Track 100 - This year saw Greenergy move up the league table once again, from the 9th largest private company last year and 10th largest in 2009.

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Andrew Owens, Greenergy co-founder and Chief Executive said:

"We’ve experienced remarkable growth since we began as a bedroom start-up nearly 20 years ago - yet there is as much opportunity to grow our business now as at any point in the past. Our growth has been achieved by maintaining a low cost/high efficiency operation. Going forward, our focus will be on further extending these benefits to our customers’ operations.

"I’d like to thank the team at Greenergy for their ongoing commitment as we work together to achieve this."

Biofuel from waste

Greenergy starts producing biofuel from waste crisps and pies

6th May 2011

  • Unique partnership extracts oil from unsaleable pies, pasties, crisps and other food waste
  • New and innovative source of waste oils and fats for Greenergy to use for biodiesel production

Greenergy, a privately owned company that supplies one fifth of Britain’s road fuel, announced today that it has begun producing biodiesel from food waste. In a unique partnership with Brocklesby Ltd, a specialist in recycling edible oils, unsaleable food products such as crisps and pies, which would previously have gone to landfill or compost, are now being converted for biofuel and energy production.

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This new initiative helps to reduce the environmental impact of the fuel that Greenergy produces while also creating a new, alternative source of fuel.

Greenergy has invested £50 million in its biodiesel production facility in Immingham on the east coast of England in order to efficiently process used cooking oils, which are more complicated to process than "new" oils such as rapeseed. The company already uses significant quantities (more than 20 million litres a month) of biodiesel from used cooking oil supplied from a range of food producers.

In order to extend its use of waste-based biofuel even further, Greenergy is now beginning to make biodiesel from high fat solid foods such as pies, sausage rolls, pastry and crisps which are not fit for sale because they are mis-shapen, overcooked or past their sell by date. These food products, which typically contain between 25% and 30% oil and fat, are sourced from a variety of food manufacturers nationally. Other suitable foods include taramasalata and oil from fish frying containing high quantities of breadcrumbs.

The oils and fats in these foods are extracted through a novel process developed by Brocklesby Ltd and are then further purified by Greenergy. Only then are the oils and fats clean enough to be suitable for conversion into biodiesel. The finished biodiesel is blended in small quantities into the diesel that Greenergy supplies to petrol stations nationally.

Any food solids that remain after processing are currently dried and then either composted or used to produce energy through anaerobic digestion, but in future could be used to make solid biomass fuel pellets or briquettes, or more fuel for cars in the form of bioethanol. Waste water is used as a biomass crop fertiliser.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive said:

"We’ve always tried to find ways of reducing the environmental impact of our fuel and as oil prices continue to rise, it’s obviously important to develop alternative sources of fuel. We are pleased to be at the forefront of finding new feedstocks for biodiesel production.

"The quantities of biodiesel that we’re currently producing from solid food waste are small, but we’re expecting to scale up so that this soon becomes a significant proportion of our biodiesel. To put it into context, just one of these new facilities could handle enough waste pies or crisps to fill a cruise ship. With multiple plants, the potential for this kind of technology to reduce fuel emissions is considerable.

"It’s great to be taking these products, which would otherwise have gone to landfill or compost, and turning them into a new source of fuel".

CSR Leadership

Greenergy named sector winner by Forest Footprint Disclosure in recognition of its CSR leadership

27th January 2011

Greenergy, one of the largest suppliers of road fuel and related services in the UK, has been selected as sector winner by Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) in recognition of its leadership role in the corporate social responsibility agenda.

FFD encourages companies to provide information about their supply chain policies in order to improve corporate understanding of the "forest footprint" of key commodities. Greenergy was one of only three companies in the international oil and biofuel sectors to have provided this disclosure.

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Andrew Owens, Executive Chairman said:

"We are committed to providing detailed information about the origin of our biofuels - not just to FFD, but also through BioCarbon Tracker and our own website. Like FFD, we see disclosure as an end in its own right, a driver for continuous improvement."

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2010 Growing Business Award

Greenergy named company of the year

25th November 2010

Greenergy, one of the largest suppliers of road fuel in the UK, was named Company of the Year at the 2010 Growing Business Awards, hosted by the CBI and Real Business.

The prestigious award, developed to recognise entrepreneurial businesses, was awarded to Greenergy in recognition of its "all-round characteristics of business excellence – superb management and people practices; outstanding financial results; on-going innovation; and a sustainable business model".

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Andrew Owens, Executive Chairman said: "Being awarded company of the year is a great tribute to the hard work the team at Greenergy put in day after day to deliver efficiency and excellence across all areas of our business."

The Growing Business Awards was attended by many of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and addressed by the Enterprise Minister, Mark Prisk. This year’s event was held at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square. The 2010 awards judging panel was headed by James Caan of Dragons Den and included former winners of Company of the Year Simon Calver CEO, LOVEFilm and Will Young, CEO, King of Shaves.

Chairman - Paul Lester

Paul Lester to become new Chairman of Greenergy

13th September 2010

Greenergy International Ltd, one of the largest road fuel suppliers in the UK, has announced that Paul Lester is to become its new Chairman on 1st October 2010.

The petrol, diesel and biofuel supplier is the ninth largest privately owned company in the UK according to the latest Sunday Times Deloitte Top Track 100 with turnover growing from £60 million in 2001 to £2.8 billion in 2010 supplying 7.9 billion litres of fuel a year. Its customers include the major oil companies and supermarkets, as well as bus and logistics companies.

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Prior to joining Greenergy, Paul Lester was Chief Executive of support services company VT Group which was recently acquired by Babcock International Group. He has served as the Group Managing Director at Balfour Beatty and held a number of board or senior management positions at engineering and support services companies in both the UK and the US.

Andrew Owens, Chief Executive, Greenergy International, said:

"Greenergy has grown more than I could imagine since the business was formed in 1992. We are now a complex company with international operations requiring more than an entrepreneur’s enthusiasm. We need new skills within a business of our size and Paul brings to Greenergy the ability to manage a large organisation."

Paul Lester, upon his appointment, said:

"I am looking forward to working with Andrew and the team at Greenergy. It has been an incredible success story from bedroom start-up to one of the largest fuel suppliers in the UK. The company is respected in the industry for its commitment to be the best in what it does. Andrew has created a solid foundation and an ambitious team and I look forward to continuing its rapid growth."


Greenergy expands its UK fuel tankage and distribution network to include South Wales

14th July 2010

  • New tankage responds to shortage in UK fuel storage capacity;
  • Greenergy to move fuel by rail for the first time; and
  • Next phase of Greenergy growth plans to target inland storage locations

Greenergy Fuels Ltd today announced that it is to build new fuel tankage and distribution facilities in Cardiff. This marks the next step in its UK expansion strategy, following its recent acquisition and refurbishment of the Mayflower Terminal in Plymouth and extensive investment in new fuel storage and blending facilities at Seals Sands in Teesside.

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The addition of a terminal in Cardiff will also see the integration of rail haulage into Greenergy’s distribution network, with fuel being moved between Cardiff and other UK coastal terminals by rail rather than road or ship. More extensive use of rail distribution to include various inland terminals across the UK is planned.

The Cardiff terminal is being developed in a long-term partnership between Greenergy and Inver, an established tank storage operator. The project, due for completion in autumn 2011, will involve both the construction of new tankage as well as refurbishment of existing tanks. New rail loading facilities will also be created at the site.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive commented:

"The Cardiff terminal will strengthen our fuel distribution capability in an under-supplied part of the UK, where tankage and infrastructure are insufficient to meet the demand for fuel in the area. Operating in Cardiff will also give us valuable experience in rail distribution, which we expect to utilise in other areas in the UK."

With the addition of Teesside, Plymouth and Cardiff to the Greenergy network, the company has now completed its expansion into target British coastal locations. It is now looking to establish a position at further inland locations, completing a comprehensive UK tankage and distribution network to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

Scarab Distributed Energy Ltd

Greenergy establishes consortium to deliver cutting edge fuel and energy from waste

29th April 2010

Greenergy announces the formation of Scarab Distributed Energy Ltd to develop novel ways of producing fuel and power from waste, including industrial food waste.

Scarab brings together a consortium of interests to build and manage multiple distributed waste and biomass processing facilities at locations around the UK. Greenergy intends to purchase all of Scarab’s fuel.

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Scarab will make use of proven, commercially viable, technologies owned by consortium members. It plans to put in place the technology and facilities to be able to process any form of industrial food waste, whether sugar, starch, fat, protein or cellulose. In due course this could be expanded to include domestic food waste.

Today’s biofuels are produced either from food crops or from waste oils and animal fats, with the latter in particularly limited supply. By targeting a wide variety of currently underutilised waste streams, Scarab will extend the range of raw material feedstocks available for biofuel production and enhance Greenergy’s access to the most sustainable sources of biofuel.

Uniquely Scarab intends to adopt a decentralised approach, with processing facilities located close to the waste source and capable of being economically scaled down to match local volumes. This will cut the transport costs associated with high-volume, low-value and perishable products, as well as saving transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.

The consortium, led by Chief Executive Officer, Neil Bennett, brings together six partners: Greenergy which will purchase all fuel produced by Scarab; St1 Biofuels, a Finnish bioethanol from waste producer; EEA, an environmental investment fund manager and carbon trading business; Aquafuel Research offering patented technology for renewable CHP; Brocklesby with expertise in food waste handling and logistics; and Axion Consulting with specialist project management expertise in the resource recovery sector.

Scarab is planning to commence biofuel production in 2011.