Our approach

We create safe working
environments by:

Instilling the highest possible level of safety awareness in everyone involved in storing, moving and delivering our fuel, whether that person is a member of staff or employed by a contractor or sub-contractor.

Encouraging every individual working in the business to observe and respond hazards, near misses or unwanted events, however small, without fear of blame.

Responding quickly to identified trends and near-misses in order to prevent more significant incidents or injuries.

Ensuring that every individual working in our business is properly trained for the work they do.

Creating a culture of
incident reporting

Across the company we strongly encourage a culture of open and honest reporting of all unwanted events as part of a "no-blame" culture.

We focus on capturing the near misses and hazards observations that can easily remain un-noticed and un-reported.

Information from these observations is vitally important for us in understanding safe working practices and in identifying and correcting potential issues that have potential to lead to serious injuries or events in the future.

Driver safety

We take every possible step to ensure our drivers, vehicles and equipment are prepared for all foreseeable hazards.

Our drivers carry hazardous product on the public highway and operate around members of the public at customer forecourts. It is of paramount importance that they are equipped and competent for the tasks they perform.

To ensure the safety of our drivers and those around them, we provide ongoing training and assessment, exceeding industry norms, to ensure that safety standards on the road, in the terminal and at the customer site are maintained. Our drivers all meet the CPC and ADR qualifications and are working towards the newly introduced Petroleum Driver Passport scheme.

Our drivers are best placed to observe safety hazards in our logistics operations. Many channels of communication exist within the company, both formal and informal, to ensure that individual drivers' observations and experience are shared and improvement actions put in place.

Rospa awards

Our Plymouth fuel storage terminal and our Immingham and Teesside biodiesel manufacturing facilities have all been awarded Rospa Gold awards, recognising the high standards of occupational health and safety at these sites.