With both sea and rail-fed terminals and storage in the US Mid-West, Quebec and Ontario, we are able to source through multiple channels. This minimises our dependence on any one third party provider and reduces the risk of supply disruption for our customers.

Customer supply locations

We supply our customers from the following locations:

> Toronto (Cargoflo)
> Hamilton
> Quebec City
> Thunder Bay
> Montreal (biofuels only)


With tankage in the US Mid-West, Quebec and Hamilton, we have the ability to receive product from the US and Europe. This is then moved by rail to our customer supply locations.

Rail capability

With a large compliment of railcars in our fleet, we have the infrastructure to move gasoline, diesel and biofuels into our terminals, whatever the season.


We take care of customers’ supply chains, to ensure that fuel is delivered when our customers need it, 100% of the time.

Rail-to-road supply facilities

In partnership with Canadian National Railway, we have developed an innovative rail-to-road supply facility north of Toronto.

This is a unique facility that:

  • Allows petrol and diesel to be loaded directly onto trucks

  • Uses existing rail infrastructure to create a new supply location in a heavily congested area.