Greenergy Flexigrid

Greenergy Flexigrid is a separate service company within the Greenergy Group providing fuel haulage for customers even when Greenergy is not the fuel supplier.

The fleet is branded partly in Flexigrid livery, partly in customer livery and partly in Greenergy livery, to allow us to separate service provision from fuel supply.

A quarter of the shares in Greenergy Flexigrid are held through an employee benefit trust for drivers. By insourcing most of our haulage operations in partnership with our drivers, we have gained greater visibility and control over this part of our business, so together we can further improve the quality of service we provide to customers.

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A UK-wide operation


We take every possible step to ensure that our drivers, vehicles and equipment are prepared for all foreseeable hazards.

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To minimise the risks we face, we:

Go out and risk assess to sites that receive deliveries.

Provide drivers with training and assessment over and above legal requirements.

Continually review the equipment we provide to ensure it is adequate for the tasks we perform.


Greenergy Flexigrid has been recognised by:

Transport for London's Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), recognising standards of best practice in safety, environment and fuel efficiency.

The ECO Stars (Efficient and Cleaner Operations) Recognition Scheme for our focus on environmental impact, fuel management and operational efficiency.