We provide fuel with distribution, distribution alone or a combination of both, to our extensive customer base in both retail and commercial sectors.

With a fleet branded partly in Flexigrid livery, partly in Greenergy livery and partly in customer livery, we are able to separate service provision from fuel supply.

With our UK-wide footprint, we have resource capability at all key loading terminals. Following our acquisition of William C. Hockin (Tankers) Ltd in 2019, we created ‘Flexigrid Longhaul’, to:

  • Support any deliveries which are more than one shift long (e.g. Thames to Tees)
  • Further improve supply resilience for customers, by having the flexibility to reposition vehicles in response to terminal outages or allocations or localised sales peaks.

We use our extensive knowledge of the fuels supply market to support our customers in achieving the lowest cost solution through their chosen supply arrangements.

Customer led

We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service, and our 24/7 customer care team are available day and night, whenever a customer needs us. As a fuel supplier, we understand the importance of continuous product availability, reliable supply, and excellent service – we are here for you every step of the way. 

Our on-time delivery service levels of > 98% continue to build customer loyalty.  


Safety underpins everything we do. To ensure the safety of both our employees, customers and other road users, we take every possible step to ensure that our drivers, vehicles and equipment are prepared for all foreseeable hazards.


To minimise the risks we face, we:

  • Risk assess every site that receives deliveries.
  • Provide drivers with training and assessment above legal requirements.
  • Continually review the equipment we provide to ensure it is adequate for the tasks we perform.

More on our safety >

A partnership with our drivers

By in-sourcing our haulage operations in 2012, we broke the industry mould and established a new ownership model for our drivers, who own 25% of the company through an employee benefit trust.

This has created a platform for a truly collaborative partnership with drivers, enabling an open and honest environment built on trust and shared interests.

Reducing our emissions

As part of the Greenergy Group, Flexigrid has committed to reduce operational emissions by 50% by 2030 (against a 2020 baseline) and being operationally carbon neutral by 2035.

To help us meet this target, in 2022 we introduced a trial of B20 across a portion of the Thames based Flexigrid fleet to further reduce emissions. B20 is a high percentage biofuel that contains an average of 20% biodiesel.

Working with our vehicle manufacturer, the trial demonstrated B20 performance under real world conditions and delivered immediate carbon savings. Over the initial 12-month trial, Flexigrid saw:

  • An annual average 13% GHG emission improvement above standard B7 diesel
  • Across 17 tractor units, we saved 274 tonnes CO2e in 2022 compared to B7
  • MPG remained relatively stable, at 9.77MPG for the B20 vehicles vs 9.88MPG for B7 vehicles
  • Cost savings per litre of B20 compared to B7 fuel
  • Servicing in line with manufacturer guidance
  • No operational issues recorded throughout the trial
  • Positive response from drivers and stakeholders.

Building on the success of this trial, we are looking to expand our use of B20.

Read more in our ESG Report >

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