Supplying your site

We have listened to the needs of retail customers and have developed a unique offer.

Our customers benefit from:

Fuel security with supply nationwide

Transparent pricing with no hidden charges and flexible payment terms

An in-house haulage operation and 98% on-time deliveries

Unique choice of forecourt brands including; Esso, Inver and your own brand

A team of experienced Territory Managers to provide help and advice

24/7 customer support from our UK team

A national supply network

To meet the requirements of our customers nationally, we supply from locations all over the UK and hold our own physical oil in nine terminals.

Supply resilience
Our national footprint minimises transport distances between our storage terminals and your site, so we can ensure cost-effective and reliable supply.

In-house haulage
With our in-house driver and scheduling teams and our own tanker fleet, we are in the best possible position to ensure our haulage operations match the high standards you expect.

The offer

We won’t constrain you to a single brand. If you would like to change your forecourt image, we will work with you on a number of options comprising branded offers, or fuel supply under your own brand.

> Esso branded fuel

The number of Esso branded sites supplied by Greenergy and their sales volumes have both grown strongly since Greenergy became a Branded Wholesaler for Esso in 2013.

The popularity of the Esso offer is due to:

  • A major oil brand, with four Synergy fuel grades and Nectar Loyalty card

  • Greenergy's flexible terms, competitive transparent pricing, efficiency, supply reliability and customer responsiveness

This unique combination makes this one of the strongest fuel offerings in the UK.

>Inver branded fuel

Inver first launched as a retail brand in 2012, and has quickly become the fastest growing national forecourt brand in Ireland.

It was acquired by Greenergy in 2017, and we are now offering the Inver brand throughout the UK, backed by our low-cost and reliable fuel supply offer.

The Inver brand is distinctive and visually unique, designed with a bright and modern feel. Co-branding is available, allowing your name to be displayed on the canopy or pole sign.

Learn more about Inver >

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"We start with fuel supply, keeping costs low and delivering the highest reliability. After that, we're flexible. We work with dealers in the way that suits them best."