Higher percentage biodiesel blends

We have the capacity to supply higher percentage biodiesel blends at competitive prices to meet the evolving needs of your business.

In recent years, the Canadian Government have introduced requirements for biodiesel to be blended into road fuels to reduce carbon emissions. For example, the Ontario province mandates that the average biodiesel content across the year must be blended to at least 4%.

Our higher biodiesel blends can range from B6 to B20, meaning the diesel can contain an average biodiesel content of 6% to 20% across the year.

Why choose Greenergy biodiesel

Our higher pecentage biofuels blends are a cost-effective and lower carbon fuel alternative that can power diesel vehicles, avoiding the need for significant capital outlay.

Biodiesel can be used in existing and new diesel vehicles and equipment across industries without requiring any engine modifications and have no measurable impact on fuel consumption

Biodiesel offers immediate greenhouse gas savings compared to standard diesel.

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Biodiesel will lower emission from your mining operation today and reduce the particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emission to improve air quality for underground mining.


Road transportation

Biodiesel supports the decorbanisation of transport and provides financial benefits under the Federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing act. Switching to a B20 biodiesel blend can save up to $1,200 per 50,000L load.



Switching heavy power diesel equipment to a higher percentage biodiesel blend is an immediate step to lowering emissions without the need for engine modifications.



Biodiesel supply can power on-road and off-road harvesters, skidders, forwarders and feller bunchers while reducing the total carbon footprint when replacing it for regular diesel.



Rail is an efficient mode of transport, that can use high percentage biodiesel. Various existing locomotives can run on 100% biodiesel without modification to further lower emission and enable net zero in the rail industry.



Vessels can run on biodiesel blends without modifications to existing fleets, including 100% biobased diesel making it a solution to displace fossil fuels.

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