Managing environmental risk

We continue to assess environmental risk in all parts of our business. We are working to manage these risks in line with our values, to cause no harm to people or environment.

Spill prevention

We implement preventative measures to avoid spill incidents and, if a spill does occur, ensure an immediate response to provide scene containment and recovery.


Major accident prevention

We take all necessary measures to prevent major accident hazards involving dangerous substances, thereby limiting the consequences to people and the environment.


Driver preparedness

All our drivers undertake extensive, ongoing training and assessment. This includes safe and defensive driving and correct loading and delivery procedures. Maintenance and monitoring programmes are in place for trucks and equipment to ensure they remain in good condition.

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Customer site safety

We visit and risk assess all our customers sites to ensure they meet high industry standards.

Our drivers have extensive training on spill containment and are equipped to respond appropriately in the event of an incident at a third party site.

Reducing the environmental impact of our activities

We vet our choice of ships according to their carbon emissions.

We manufacture biodiesel from waste raw materials where possible, giving higher carbon savings and reducing land-use impacts.

Our biodiesel manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified, underpinning our commitment to continuous environmental improvement.

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We work to improve the fuel efficiency of our haulage operations by:

  • Investing in new, more fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Training drivers in fuel efficient driving.
  • Tracking fuel consumption and driving styles across our operations.

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