Our operations

In Canada, Greenergy has both sea and rail-fed terminals, along with storage locations in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and the US mid-west.

This enables us to source through multiple channels and minimize our dependence on any one third party provider; reducing the risk of supply disruption for our customers.

We supply customers from Concord, Johnstown, Langley, Thunder Bay and Woodstock.

Our growth plans are to continue to build out terminal facilities in strategic locations. Our terminals offer a range of quality gasoline, diesel and other specialty products including higher percentage biodiesel blends, TOP TIER™ approved gasoline blends, marine diesel and E100.

We also have a large compliment of railcars in our fleet, so we are able to move gasoline, diesel and biofuels into our terminals, whatever the season.

Investing in fuel infrastructure

“Over many years, growth in Canadian fuel demand has not been matched by investment in supply infrastructure, resulting in the supply disruption and outages that are common in the market today. 

Our investments are bringing low-cost fuel and higher
levels of supply reliability to customers in regions that have historically been under served.”

Mike Healey 
VP Commercial & Business Development 

Greenergy fuel terminals

Our terminals are changing how fuel is supplied. Our road-to-rail approach is:

  • Innovative and efficiently built
  • Fully-automated
  • Creating convenient supply facilities closer to the end customer
  • Bringing greater supply security to the market.

Our Concord terminal facility opened in 2015 in partnership with CN. We have since doubled the size of that facility to better meet customer demand.

We are continuing to invest in further terminal facilities elsewhere in Canada. 

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