About us

Launching into Canada in 2013, Greenergy quickly expanded its supply infrastructure across Ontario and operates a leading national gas and convenience retail network under a portfolio of brands.

Greenergy’s unique and innovative supply chain expertise has allowed significant investments in new and updated infrastructure in Ontario, bringing low cost, reliable fuel supply closer to our customers.

As we continue to expand in Canada, we benefit from the expertise and capability of our global business.

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Our approach

We strive to provide the best combination of price and service, with the best systems and controls and the most transparency in the market.

What differentiates us from other fuel suppliers is our commitment to customer service and supply resilience.

We provide the best combination of price and service

  • Being an originator of fuel allows us to source from the lowest-cost markets around the world, and deliver competitive pricing to our customers
  • We are also investing in critical supply infrastructure to allow for maximum control over the supply of fuel to customers.

Customer-focussed business values

  • We aim to earn the long-term loyalty of each and every customer
  • We are flexible and work with our customers individually to meet their specific needs.

Higher percentage biodiesel blends 

We have the capacity to supply higher percentage biodiesel blends at competitive prices that can meet the evolving needs of your business.

Government regulations, over the past few years, have introduced requirements for biodiesel to be blended into road fuels to reduce carbon emissions. 

The Ontario government, mandates that the average biodiesel content across the year must be blended to at least 4%. With increasing demand for higher percentage biodiesel blends, we are now able to supply customers with top quality blends at competitive prices. 

Our higher biodiesel blends can range from B6 to B20, meaning the diesel can contain an average biodiesel content of 6% to 20% across the year.

Why choose Greenergy biodiesel

Our higher percentage biodiesel blends offer cost-effective and sustainable lower carbon fuel options for existing diesel vehicles, avoiding the need for significant capital outlay.

  • Biodiesel can be used in existing and new diesel vehicles without
    requiring any engine modifications and have no measurable impact
    on fuel consumption
  • Biodiesel offers environmental benefits: Compared to diesel, biodiesel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer a sustainable lower carbon fuel option for existing and new diesel vehicles.

To find out more about our higher renewable diesel blends,
contact us at +1 888 834 1980.

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