High bio blends

Greenergy’s high bio blends range from B20 (average biodiesel content of 20%) to B100, displacing diesel and reducing transport emissions when compared to standard grade diesel that blends up to 7% biodiesel. 

Competitively priced, high bio blends are becoming increasingly popular with fuel retailers and fleet operators as an affordable option to start decarbonising today, representing a good balance of cost savings and immediate emission reductions. 

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Greenergy high bio blends are:

  • Significantly cheaper that hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)
  • Deliver immediate CO2e savings
  • Readily available from dedicated loading tanks across the UK
  • Deliver the same performance as B7 diesel.

Find out high bio blends can support your transition plans, saving you on costs and reducing your carbon emissions.

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Operating on high bio blends

As part of Greenergy’s own transition plans, our in-house haulier, Greenergy Flexigrid (‘Flexigrid’), have introduced high bio blends, B20, across a portion of the fleet.

In addition to reducing emissions from our own fleet operations, we have been able to demonstrate in real world conditions the impact of switching a commercial fleet to a high bio blend.


In 2023, Flexigrid saw:

  • An annual average 13% greenhouse gas emission improvement above standard B7 diesel
  • Across 16 tractor units, a saving of 217 tonnes CO2e in 2023 compared to using B7 diesel
  • Cost savings per litre of B20 compared to B7 diesel
  • No operational issues recorded
  • Positive response from drivers and stakeholders.

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