Our history

Greenergy was founded in the 1990s to supply low emission diesel offering significant air quality benefits. Our company name dates back to that time.

We are proud of our history:

  • The first business to introduce cleaner, lower sulphur fuels for sale at customers' forecourts in the UK.
  • The first business to supply biofuel blends to UK forecourts.
  • The first business to create carbon-certified fuel products offering guaranteed greenhouse gas emissions savings.

Over time we have expanded from niche environmental products and today supply mainstream petrol and diesel to a much wider market. We continue to focus on minimising the environmental impact of our activities and our biofuel supply.

For example we have:

  • Maximised our use of biofuel made from waste products. We operate two of Europe's largest waste to biodiesel manufacturing facilities and are commissioning a third. We continue to innovate in order to produce high quality fuel from low grade, and even solid, food wastes with limited alternative uses.
  • Set ourselves a 70% carbon saving from the biofuel we blend into our petrol and diesel - significantly above the level required under EU law.
  • Disclose the origin of all the biofuels we supply.
  • Vet our choice of ships according to their carbon emissions.

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