Deliver competitive pricing to our customers

We use our global expertise to manage the movement of fuel from refinery gates around the world to our customers’ sites, ensuring constant reliable supply. This allows us to source from the lowest-cost markets around the world and deliver competitive pricing to our customers.

We offer a wide range of biodiesel blends year-round that can immediately reduce your company’s carbon emissions, supplement your existing sustainability plans and be used to fuel numerous on road and off-road
diesel engines.

We also partner with industry leading equipment and inventory
management service providers to provide a complete fuel management solution to our customers. 

Quality Fuels Offered: 

  • Diesel (ULSD) clear and dyed
  • Bio blended diesels
  • Ethanol blended gasoline (E10)
  • Ethanol blended premium gasoline
  • Premium gasoline
  • Ultra-low sulphur furnace oil
  • Jet A-1
  • TOP TIER™ detergent gasoline approved fuels are also available.

Territory Managers 

Contact our Territory Managers for more information.

Virginia Bain
GTA and
Southwestern Ontario
+1 647-517-1845


Mark Phillips
Eastern Ontario
+1 506-650-5317


Harry Carson
Thunder Bay, Ontario
+1 807-626-4150


Rick McMillan
British Columbia
+1 250-864-4714


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