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Listening to the needs of the market, and supported by extensive consumer research, we developed Breakaway, an exciting new retail brand specifically designed for Canada. 

Breakaway is visually unique, designed to drive growth in sales, engage with your customers and community, and embrace Canada’s love of hockey. 

It offers dealers Greenergy’s flexible business model solutions, top quality fuels, competitive and transparent pricing, supply reliability and superior customer service from our Canadian team. 

Breakaway turns the regular task of fuelling up and picking up convenience items into an enjoyable experience, and one that is committed to making meaningful contributions to local hockey through our Breakaway to Play program. 

Breakaway offers ancillary brands such as cardlock and carwash to meet all of your needs. 

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PowerPlay fuels

All Greenergy fuels go through effective quality processes and procedures.
We laboratory-test all our fuel products before delivering to make sure they meet or exceed product specifications. 

Breakaway offers four quality fuel grades, exclusive to the Brand.
Our PowerPlay gasolines meet the high standards of TOP TIER™
detergent gasoline. Our PowerPlay diesel is an ultra-low sulphur diesel. 

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Supporting local hockey

We believe hockey should be accessible to everyone in our communities, and that's why a portion of all fuel sales at Breakaway sites goes to Breakaway to Play.

Through our Breakaway to Play program, we partner with local minor hockey associations to help reduce the financial costs of getting involved and encourage more people to play the great game of hockey.

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Breakaway cardlock

Our cardlock offer allows you to meet your commercial business needs.

We understand the importance and effect fuel supply and trucking reliability can have on your business, that's why we strive to make sure our customers are always supplied.

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