The brand

Known for its customer focused staff and CASH PLUS Rewards program,
Mr. Gas is a brand consumers have trusted in their communities for decades. 

With over 20 locations across eastern Ontario from Odessa, to Hawkesbury, to Sudbury and everywhere between, Mr. Gas is the local neighbourhood gas and convenience store that customers depend on.

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Join Mr. Gas as a Store Manager

Our Mr. Gas network are largely corporately managed where store managers operate and manage individual sites.
These opportunities offer competitive salaries and opportunities to develop key managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

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The offer

Mr. Gas’ provides quality gas and convenience items our communities depend on, at the right price and from someone you know and trust. The Mr. Gas community is built on:

  • Friendly, genuine service 
  • Rewarding customer loyalty with our CASH PLUS program 
  • Supporting the local community through fundraising, sponsorships and charity donations. 
  • Value for money, with gas and convenience items at competitive pricing.

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