Renewable fuels for aviation

Utilising our experience and expertise in producing lower carbon transport fuels, Greenergy are progressing a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) project to create low carbon fuels for aviation.

Already an industry leader in the development of waste-based biofuels, we are applying our expertise to a new SAF plant on Teesside producing SAF from sustainably sourced used cooking oil (UCO). 

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) to SAF

The new SAF plant, will be the first in the UK to manufacture from waste oil feedstock, such as used cooking oil.

We have developed long-term trading relationships with oil collectors globally, and developed unique supply chains that will provide sustainably sourced waste oils for SAF production.


The SAF plant is planned for our new Renewables Facility on Teesside, England, located adjacent to Greenergy’s biodiesel plant and strategic infrastructure for fuel distribution.

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