Developed for Canada, Waypoint is a convenience brand that celebrates local and regional products. Each Waypoint site strives to create unique ways to connect customers with their community in a modern and friendly environment. 

Customers at Waypoint are always greeted with a smile and a hello, and can pick up their favourite local and everyday products at a great price. Each store is modern and clean, and includes fixtures that highlight the region. 

Introducing Smartpoint by Waypoint.

Leveraging Greenergy’s national convenience store network, Smartpoint provides independent retailers the purchasing power of a national chain.  

Backed by our team of experienced convenience experts and proven success with our Waypoint brand, Smartpoint provides independent retailers with a low cost, competitive program that supports sales and margin growth.

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Waypoint locations are often located alongside our forecourt brands so partnering with us as an independent dealer,
retailer or store manager has never been easier.

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